Meet your new colleagues

Sports teams.

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Wonder how they’ll do with those new cleaning protocols?


I saw the first post about this kind of “listing” some weeks ago. I want to know how many bookings they are getting and why they are using Airbnb when they clearly have marketing departments that could do this without Airbnb. Airbnb must not be charging any fees in exchange for the publicity. It seems like good publicity to me since I keep hearing about it.

As you say, Airbnb are getting the publicity but so are the stadia - free. Free is good. :slight_smile:

Any time a journalist puts the word Airbnb in a headline, the hits will follow. Do you remember when Audi used Airbnb for marketing? That was way back in 2016.

I’d forgotten.

Then it gets reposted here and this forum gets hits from lurkers and then a few of them share with their baseball loving friends and on and on.

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The Pensacola team already has 3 review for June and it looks like more bookings upcoming. July and August appear blocked off so maybe they are expecting to resume play. Good job monetizing the facility and getting free publicity.

They only open a few dates at a time. They have waiting lists and notify the people on them of available dates as they come open.