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Medium term rentals - how to fill that market

People who need to stay 3 weeks or longer have expensive options. Most Airbnb hosts make more money with short term stays so the rates for longer terms are usually high (but not as high as hotels). It’s especially expensive for people like traveling nurses and visiting professors.

Apartments around here don’t rent for less than 1 year terms. Seems like there would be a way to provide furnished housing for these people that would be profitable for the host yet affordable for the guest.

Sometimes when guests try to negotiate for a really low price, I refer them to the local roommate search web page where they can perhaps find students wanting to sublease their apartments. Sometimes they are even furnished (like when they study abroad for a semester).

Does anyone specialize in those medium term rentals or have ideas of housing that works?

M Lee

I dont think there is such thing unless someone do not mind staying in extended stays and they are awful i heard.
I do longer terms now for couple months and i lowered my prices on Airbnb. But i am only doing it for slow seaason which is here 8 months a year.
Ussualy if you sign a lease for roommate situation its about 40% less than what i charge. But they dont have to give deposit just pay month by month and everything is included. So, minus about 100$ in utilities.

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