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Mean Guest! Your opinion of my problem? Lawsuit

What do you think of this?
Ive just opened air bnb and started hosting. I had 2 ok guests until now.
A week ago some Peruvian guy and Russian girl asked for my floor Im renting in a house. Its 72m2 , own toilet own kitchen own room own entrance door, own terrace. I offered the lowest price 9euro because Im starting with it and need reviews.
But he said he is in financial problems and if I can lower the price.
I agreed, I lowered to 8 euro and thats for 2 persons! I removed the cleaning fee, the service fee, everything!!!
And then he even came into my house to pay offline cos he didnt want airbnb charges!
Then I was begging him 3 days to pay once he arrived. FOR MY MONEY!
He paid part and said he will pay another part later! I agreed!
then he even asked to use the garden, I even gave them the key for first floor and garden exit.
Then they started having LOUD SEX, Playing drums, guitar and singing in my house, it would annoy the neighbors so I told them to be quiet.
Then he started to behave like in a hotel. Locking the door and making me wait for hours before he shows up to arrange bill.
The breaking point was when he started to bargain for every penny every single day!
Then he said he broke my toilet seat , I told him if he can pay for it he refused! And even said HE COULD SUE ME!!! Because he could have fell and injure himself hahaha. Just to mention this is Europe and such idiotic thing is not possible here!
I was pissed off.
I gave him whole appartment for only 4$ per person a night , I removed all fees! I didnt even take security deposit! and he said he could SUE ME !!! FOR BREAKING MY PROPERTY!
I couldnt stand him anymore and told him to leave in 1 hour ,
then he started to be nice, and to apologize and suck into my ass, like he didnt mean it.

what do you think?
Ive never had business with such a sly, and cheapskate.
The thing I hated is cos he was showing off to friends how wine is cheap here only3 euro and he buys a bottle every day but at the same time he wont pay me for staying in my place.

Then the seat!
Its sucha hypocrisy he broke it and he said HE CAN SUE ME, HAHA, and then started to say how American travelers can sue me (I replied American legal system is not valid here, nor he is in US).
Then said you can leave it broken! “I mean its ok” - AND ITS BROKEN IN HALF!
SO WHEN his ass is on it, its dangerous, but when other new guest should use one, then I should just leave a broken toilet seat!!! unbelievable, what a sly.

I mean he is every day lowering the price of everything its like a flea market man in India.
You should be aware of him…
I dont know what to do?

I cant stand hosting such a nasty person

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Am I understanding this correctly that there is not a record of the booking through AirBnB?

I definitely think that you will be able to get Airbnb to terminate their stay. From your description of their behavior, I doubt they will leave when you tell them to. If they don’t leave I recommend that you have the police evict them immediately. I don’t understand how you arranged for split payment on Airbnb. For the future, don’t lower your price. It shows the guests that you are willing to be taken advantage of. I am flexible about many, many things as a host, but I am inflexible about price.

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If payment was accepted outside of AirBnB I don’t think Air will back this host. Rule #1 is to never accept money or pay for a booking outside of the system. I think it null and voids all support!


So you gave him a low price because you need reviews, then accepted him away from Airbnb so he won’t be able to give you a review? That doesn’t take any sense at all.


I think you are Chen…

The story is just too stupid to be true…


The style is exact. …


Well, bingo! Shuur! (self-whack on forehead) How could I miss the toilet seat clue…it’s a constant!

You’re good Chris…real good!! Hat’s off to you.


Please post his profile so we will know not to answer his requests.

Karma… don’t engage…


Sorry, I know I really shouldn’t but … did he leave sh*t and curry on the toilet seat before breaking it?


O my god, here comes my good laugh of the day:) O…those Russians…


I love that part. Were they playing the guitar and singing while they were having their loud sex? That’s quite clever. And you let them bring drums into the house?

Sorry, I know I shouldn’t engage but I just had a mental image of a one-man band and a one-woman band trying to make a one-baby band.


I just had to read the “edit.” LOLOLOL :joy:

“I couldnt stand him anymore and told him to leave in 1 hour ,
then he started to be nice, and to apologize and suck into my ass, like he didnt mean it.”


Yes, she’s baaaaacccckkk
Always emphasis on the ethnicity!
I don’t believe this one bit, completely fabricated!

Oh, I needed a good laugh today.


Im growing weary of this trolling and wish her IP could be banned.


there is for some days but they came earlier and I couldnt kick them out! ubeleivable!

HE is very manipulative.
I finally made him book something thru airbnb. So I have it booked

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