Maximum stay, multiple times in a row

Nothing of this sort has happened to me yet, but I was just wondering.

Suppose I have instant booking on for my listing and I have put in place a maximum stay of 5 days. Is it possible for guests to make 2 or more consecutive bookings of 5 days? Let’s say, 3 bookings of 5 days, so that in the end they are staying for 15 days.

I guess so theoretically. Im not sure why they’d bother though? Wouldn’t they just search for 15 days in the first place and your listing wouldn’t even show up?
If it did happen, and you were worried about the legalities of long term stays turning into tenants rights or whatever, you could just say they need to check out and back in again in between.

It’s more a case of not wanting to end up with people we don’t get along with for more than 2 weeks in our case.
Once we had an inquiry from someone: He put in two nights but in his questions asked to stay for 37 nights. Our maximum is 14 nights. I told him to look elsewhere. He gave me bad vibes.

Hmm, this scenario would be one of those times you use one of your free cancellations for instant book. And then I’d suppose you’d have to talk to Airbnb to make sure there’s no way for them to continue trying the book.

I think it’s much more likely someone else would come along and book in between days though.