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Mattress Update Anyone?

I had horrid mattresses in the early days, but 2 are with long term guests and no one complained. Leave it alone.

For myself and a new room I got 8" memory foams with Zinus frames. I will change the others, but no one is threatening to move out!

I upgraded from a double to a queen a little more than a year ago. I chose the the Amazon brand (Zinus) 12-inch green tea memory foam mattress, 2-inch a gel topper, and “bamboo” topper above that. Guests rave about the bed. The whole upgrade was probably $600 for everything, including the Zinius frame. I use a mattress protector, as all hosts should, but I won’t be devastated if someone ruins the mattress since replacing a $280 mattress is within the cost of doing business.

Guests RAVE about the comfort bed in my reviews and message me asking me where I got the mattress.


Same here with my much more expensive Nest Bedding mattress. For myself I got a Nectar. I didn’t really like it and when I contacted Nectar they offered to send me a foam topper. That made the bed fine for me. I think the key is to get a new bed or new topper every few years. It’s like when people rave about how much better their new vacuum is than their old one. It’s just because it’s new.

Nothing but guest apparent happiness and comfort on the Tuft and Needle Memory foam. No topper. I think it is built in. Also very important ( especially on foam) to use 100% cotton mattress pad and 100% cotton sheets.

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A Zinus for Xena? :wink:

Agree wholeheartedly. They are from Walmart here. Supports up to 120O lbs. And is easy to assemble. Steel frame is elevated, providing lots of storage room.

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The mattress is a Chateau memory foam. Getting rave reviews. Don’t put them in where there may be very cold weather, like a cottage. They freeze!

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