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Mattress Update Anyone?

Hey there folks. I’ve been slogging through the archives here looking for insight on what kind of mattress I should be considering. Most of the mattress threads are a couple of years old, including the Tuft and Needle promotion. I was wondering if anyone who took part in that would like to share how they are holding up now that a few years have passed. That is one of the mattresses I have been considering and would value any feedback hosts may have to share. I realize that one mattress isn’t going to make everyone happy but if these turned out to be awful, I certainly don’t want to invest in one. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback. It is so scary to buy mattresses off the internet. I really want to avoid the mattress showroom situation as I hate hovering salespeople. The Alexander looks lovely, but not sure it is in the budget. Will keep an eye on them in case there is a promotion as we are a few months away from listing just yet. I always find that this forum is such a treasure trove of information!

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We purchased two queen size foam mattresses on Amazon a while back. I think each one was about $250.00 (USD). They came rolled up in a box with wheels and handles which made it easy to bring up the stairs into the bedrooms. Once you remove them from the box and plastic, they puff up instantly. So far they’re holding up well and are very comfy. My son slept over one night and liked it so much that the next month he replaced his spring mattress with a foam mattress.


Oh I knew what you meant! I’m just glad to hear that you are satisfied with the mattress. My head is swimming looking at Nest, Tuft and Needle, Purple, Nectar etc. So hard to tell the difference because all of the reviews sound the exact same. Feedback here is far more valuable as y’all are in the trenches with these mattresses so to speak. I know it is wise to invest in a mattress within reason and that it will probably be my biggest expense, but I still want to avoid spending more money than I need to. I’m probably overthinking this. I’m sure a new medium/firm mattress of any make will be satisfactory for most people and no matter how hard I try to get it just right, I’m sure I’ll have a few “goldilocks” guests who aren’t going to like it. . lol.

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I don’t know if this helps, but I have very old (not gross, but old) mattresses/box springs in my personal bedroom and my guest bedroom. I’ve had many many personal guests but a newbie to airbnb rental. I purchased memory foam TOPPERS for both beds 10 years ago and they’ve held up like champs! My guests tell me personally and in reviews that the bed sleeps like a cloud. Neither bed sags in the middle (miraculously) and both beds are soft but firm, and comfortable. Even the most picky of guests (my mother/father and their significant others) love the guest bed.

Having said that, I had recent guests (with two teens) inexplicably remove the topper to sleep on the floor, I’m guessing. There is not enough floor space for the topper so it ripped in 3 spots, not to mention the ehh hem, stains left. The topper is still fine, I’m just annoyed at the needless damage. Memory foam sticks to itself so the rips do not cause it to separate.

I’d do it again though. Cheap mattress and good quality memory foam topper.

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Thanks! That is very helpful. I may play around with my old guest mattress and see if a memory foam topper livens it up enough to be a viable option. I know Costco has a few reasonably prices toppers. I may give one a whirl!

I am one of the hosts that scored a free Nest Alexander mattress. It is 2 1/2 years old. Since day 1, many guests have raved about it, like, telling me they slept better at my house than they do at home.


I have a T&N from the promotion. I’d also bought one for myself a year earlier. They made some design changes between the two generations and the second is much better.

The first one I got was so firm that I ended up buying a memory foam topper to make it comfortable enough to sleep. The second one seems to have the innovation of a second, less dense, layer of foam. They’ve in essence created their own mattress topper integrated into the mattress.

The first gen would only be great for people who like a very firm bed. The second generation is comfortable for most sleepers. I’ve had some guests mention comfy beds, but not the over the top “best sleep of my entire life” reviews you hear online.


I also received a Tuft and Needle which I used in the Airbnb room. There were no complaints and it was certainly a big upgrade from the futon bed I’d used when I started Airbnb. Then the Nest offering came along and was able to get one of those. I moved the TN to my room and I’ve been sleeping on it since but I did add a memory foam topper to it. I think it’s very comfortable.

I get rave reviews for the Nest. Some people have even said they were going to buy one but I haven’t gotten any referral checks from Nest. LOL. I have also slept on the same Alexander series when I stayed with another host on the forum who had gotten one and it was sublime. When I get a new mattress I will certainly be looking at the Nest.

That said, there are many online mattress companies with good reviews at a lower price point. I think all the reputable companies have a money back guarantee within 100 days or so. There are also mattress research sites you can examine. Some people don’t like Amazon reviews but I’ve found them to be reliable. Depending on where you live and how often you’d like to change the mattress I think the “less expensive but may not last as long” route is the way to go.

Don’t be afraid to order a mattress online.


We have both the Tuft N Needle and the Nest Alexander Hybrid from the promotion. Guest LOVE the Nest we get asked about it all the time, the Tuft n Needle is described as too soft by most. I personally LOVE the Nest Mattress and when we buy new mattresses for ourselves will buy one.

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Lots of love for the Nest! Ultimately, as with most things, budget will dictate what we can get. Once we are done with renovations we’ll see where we stand. In the mean time I value all the feedback you care to give. Any opinion on pillows? :smile:

I love my Nest pillows too!! :joy:

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Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress - Queen

I ordered 3 of these, one for each room, to use with my new Ikea spring-slat beds, based on the positive Amazon reviews. They are a hybrid spring coil/memory foam mattress.

Guests have been very happy. I did sleep a night in the first one I unpacked (they come rolled up and vacuum sealed in a box) and had a better night than I usually have with my bad back in my own bed downstairs.

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We have a Nectar for ourselves and it came with two nice pillows too. I wasn’t sure about the foam since I’d always had spring-types but I loved it immediately. It was comfy and my husband stopped snoring the very first night. (2nd part being more important than the comfort haha!) He was non-committal about the Nectar until we recently stayed at our ABB. Since then he keeps talking about wanting to replace the mattresses there with one!


I get mine from IKEA

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@konacoconutz and @KKC out of curiosity, are your Nests the Alexander hybrid or the regular Alexander?

Mine is the Alexander Signature series, Medium. They have several mattresses so not sure which is considered “regular” now.

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Thank you for the information! I’m leaning toward this mattress for 2 of the “best” rooms in a house I’m about to put on Airbnb.

@nolabelle, we’ve basically done what @yecatsr describes. Both of our Airbnb beds have older mattresses. And both have high-quality memory foam toppers. We bought the toppers that say they are intended to be cool, as some memory foam can create an overly warm sleeping surface.

Guests consistently say our beds are the most comfortable they’ve ever slept on.

We have the same kind of topper on our own bed, but our mattress is newer (we upgraded to a king).

We bought these for our guest house, and also our personal bed. They are so comfortable, and a great price. They ship quickly and are easy to maneuver and install, puffing up to the full 14 inches in a few hours. Couldn’t recommend it more. We’ve had a lot of great feedback from guests as well.

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