Matching towels?

I like to provide nice plush white towels for my little Airbnb. I have had good luck at Overstock, buying by the set. It includes 2 washcloths, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels and a mat. My dilemma is not getting the exact same set when I buy and the bands look different. When I need to replace a piece they don’t match perfectly except for the color. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to buy sets that consistently match, or am I being too picky? Do guests care if the band on the towels differ a bit?

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Mine are all white and the bands don’t match. While appreciate your eye for detail, I don’t think I’d stress over it. I’d stress more over not providing enough towels…as a guest who uses two per shower, it irks me when I only get one. And you might want to rethink the white facecloth and buy the black ones that say “makeup” on them. I’ve had guests thank me for those because they didn’t want to worry about staining white ones with makeup.

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I buy them at Kohls. I purchased the ones from the brand “Sonoma Goods.” It’s been six years and they still sell them. Sonoma Goods is always on sale so you can buy bath towels for about $7.

You can also put the bath towels rolled up in a basket in the bedrooms and the washcloths rolled up by the bathroom sink, this way if they don’t match, it’s not that noticeable. I keep the hand towels on a towel ring by the sink (on the wall).

If everything is separate and it’s all the same color, guests won’t really notice that they don’t match.


Yes! The set includes the washcloths but I only provide the black ones! Thanks for your comment. I thought I might be being a bit extra lol

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Of course not.
This is the epitome of “first world problem”.

Good idea. The hand towel I don’t worry about since it hangs by itself by the sink. Rolling the bath towels is a great alternative


I would notice but as long as the quality was the same, I wouldn’t care.

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Airbnb – and Airbnb travellers – are all pretty well “first world.”


Costco’s Charisma is the one I use.

It probably depends on what kind of rental you have. I know people with OCPD (obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) who would probably find that it bothered them so much they would have to buy matching sets.

“First world problems” indicates an attitude, rather than a geographical location. The attitude of fussing over inconsequential things.

A traveler who has backpacked around Asia, or lived in 3rd world countries, or lives off-grid, tends not to have an entitled attitude and would be grateful to be provided with nice towels, not notice or care one whit that they don’t match exactly.

As opposed to the type of tourists who expect everything to be perfect, have little experience with other cultures or conditions, that they would even notice, or have so little to mentally occupy themselves with that they would care, that the decorative band on the towels doesn’t match.

I once ran out of propane in both my propane cylinders at the same time. One connects to the hot water heater and one to the cook stove. There happened to be a propane shortage all over many areas of Mexico then, so I couldn’t get any.
I have a smaller barbeque-size tank to use for this, so I had to keep switching it back and forth as needed, and tell my guest to let me know 20 minutes before she wanted to shower or cook, so I could make sure that tank was hooked up accordingly. Also had to keep the hot water tank turned off, so as to conserve propane, unless the guest or I needed to shower. So no hot water constantly available.
Luckily the guest was from 5 hours away from here, and they couldn’t get propane there either, so she knew there was nothing I could do about it, and wasn’t the least bit fussed with the situation. Thankfully I managed to get a gas delivery before the small tank ran out.

Clean, dry, reasonably matched, fluffy and easy to find are all I offer. Bands mean nothing to me.


I bought 12 matching mugs when I started. 90 bookings later down to 4 of the original ones. Can’t figure out what happened to them although some guests fessed up to dropping one. Can’t find them anymore so bought 8 that were similar. No one has ever mentioned it!