Masterful bad review responses

You guys should check out how this host, who has over 900 reviews, writes review responses. They should be in some sort of tutorial.

While the host addresses the bad guest directly, which isn’t generally recommended, he does it in such a brilliant way- in a few short sentences, he manages to slap the bad guest upside the head, make it clear that it’s a revenge review, and let future guests know that bad behavior isn’t tolerated.

All delivered in a breezy, slightly sarcastic tone. You can tell this host doesn’t lose sleep over bad reviews or waste hours of time trying to get them removed.


Thanks for posting that - this guy is good!

Which is what all hosts should aim for. :slight_smile:


I’ll bookmark this to come back to for when I need this skill.


I love this line from one of his longer, earlier responses-

"I feel really sorry that you didn’t find a drying rack and i don’t understand why you didn’t asked me for one, like you asked me for everything else :slight_smile: "

(You can see the evolution of this host’s responses over time- they used to be much longer, now he’s got it down to short and pithy)


what are you reading? I see a host with three responses

Click on the listing URL I posted. It’s a host in Albania with several listings on their profile and pages of reviews.

I like this host’s approach! A recent guest posted this…

The bed is comfortable for one person but with two people it sags in the middle.

A number of previous guests offered positive feedback on the bed, pillows, comforters, etc.

Data point - I have ~ 50 reviews with an average 7 day stay is 4.96.

Would this be too much? LOL Mostly in jest. Mostly.

I’m happy that you worked things out with Alex. <<

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My favorite review so far - still reading :slight_smile:

Guest: Horrible, place to forget

Host : Yeah, lets not forget that you showed up one day after the day you had originally booked and was demanding a refund. That you intentionally was disconnecting the internet router to complain for the internet and to request money back. that you made a reservation for one but showed up two persons… well, I’m sorry to have ruined your plans of having a free stay.


This is wonderful. I saved it for future reference as I am sure we’ll need it eventually. :slight_smile:

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