Master Bedroom Help?

Hello hosters, I am just getting into airbnb and will be renting out my entire house and living at my girlfriends house while its occupied. Its a 3 bed room house but I only want to rent out 2 bedrooms on the first floor and leave my master bedroom off limits as I will be living there when my house isn’t rented out. Does my listing fall under entire house and just put the instructions in the description? or should I list it as private room and list 2 bedrooms? This may be a dumb question but any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @nml5129,

So you will never be there when guests are there? And do they have access to everything except the master bedroom?

I don’t have an answer to your question, just thought I’d ask for a clarification.

If you’re there when your guests are - it’s not an entire house

If you put a proper lock on your bedroom door and rent the rest of your house out - entire house.


If you are not in the home while guests stay, I would list it as an entire home, and treat your (locked) Master BR as a “host closet”. They never need to know what’s behind that locked door.


Awesome! I will not be there when guests will be staying there so I will take your guys advice, Thank you for the clarification!

Entire home. Just don’t list it as 3 bedrooms.


The definition of ‘entire apartment’ according to Airbnb is that the space has a lockable door between the guest space, and your space. It doesn’t mean ‘the entire space in the home is for your use’.

So it’s an entire apartment!

Enjoy hosting!