Mascara on poly

Does anyone have experience spot removing what appears to be mascara from a polyester comforter without sending out to dry cleaners. I’m looking for top before I risk smearing it in.

Household soap and water. Use a microfibre cloth to agitate and lift. Should come out very easily if it’s mascara. Doubt it is personally as mascara is unlikely to penetrate a duvet cover through to the cover underneath…

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I’d say it might be blood.

I use Melaleuca products which are natural and work very well. When I get a spot stain like this I first use diluted Sol-u-mel. If that doesn’t work, use it more full-strength and it will undoubted come out. I LOVE that stuff!! It will get sap off my car, dissolve just about anything, is completely natural and will not cause any health concern and will even deodorize the room.

You likely don’t have an account with melaleuca so PM me if you want me to order some on your behalf and have it sent to you. I hope it comes out.

Thank you for your help! I’ll share what I found successful in removing the mascara stain. After much reading and contemplation, I decided to use my eye make-up remover! And it worked like a charm! (I personally use Origins Well Off eye makeup remover) My dilemma was because I couldn’t just treat the stain and throw the king sized comforter in the washing machine. I used a small amount of makeup remover on a q-tip and gently dapped it on the stain until removed. Then I blotted it with a dry white paper towel. I followed up with water also on a q-tip and blotted with paper towel.

I’ve since found Ms Makeup left her mark on the cream colored throw pillows on my sofa. Same technique worked on the pillows but they had been previously treated with Scotchgard.

Just thought I’d share in case this may help others!

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