Maryland grappling with anti short term rental legislation -

Greetings all - the State of Maryland has pending legislation that would severely curtail or kill the short term rental industry in the state by requiring sprinklers, ADA compliance, and other requirements that I would not be able to comply. I have attached a video of the state hearing on the bill with the testimony of Airbnb and HomeAway and their industry partners which is realy powerful. This is particular to Maryland but to have Aibnb and Expedia/HomeAway/VRBO send their attorneys I believe helped defeat this legislation which did not make it out of committee.
This the testimony before the Senate Finance Committee in Maryland on Feb 22, 2017. I was at that hearing but after waiting to testify for 3 hours I had to leave and - yes - prepare for a guest! This was very enlightening to me and I hope it is for your as well.

So this did not make it out? Sorry for not interpreting your message correctly.

Oh sorry I wasn’t clear. This was defeated in committee - so bill is dead
for this year.
Also I believe the intention from the comments I hear from Maryland
Association of Counties that they want the regulations to be up to the
individual county or municipalities-

I just don’t see how that can enforce ADA compliance and sprinklers on home sharing. You could maybe have to pass some sort of occupancy inspection to ensure it’s safe for habitation, but this sounded ridiculous.

Yes I agree and fortunately the senate Committee agreed and felt the
legislation was too far reaching and not appropriate. Apparently Airbnb is
negotiating with the Comptroller to add
​ the sales tax to the Airbnb platform and Airbnb would collect it and
remit it to the state.

No it did not make it out of committee so it will not be voted on by the full Senate or the House of Delagates in Maryland. This bill was sponsored by Senator Conway from Baltimore City and those who spoke in favor of the bill were the hotell association and bed and breakfast assosciation The bill (SB 463) only had one sponsor which usually means that it is not widely supported. Thanks for your question and I am sorry not to be clearer in my posting. Cheers,

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