Marriott’s competition with Airbnb

Marriott has recently began operating a competitor to Airbnb. “Homes & villas” that afford Bonvoy points. Curious to hear about any Airbnb hosts that may have multi platform listings & have experience with Marriott.

@sobepuppy I checked it out when I first heard about it but you have to have your place listed through one of their approved property managements or something. Also it looks more like competition for AirbnbLux than regular places. I didn’t delve too far into it because it wasn’t interesting to me.

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Nothing interesting. For economy-share to become profitable business model it must be available internationally and for almost everyone. All these competition that is doing way too niche things will die off soon.

Marriott purchased one of the large rental agencies in the city where we have our vacation home. Same as what Airbnb did to launch Luxe. Our home before we purchased it had some remaining bookings with that large rental company (leftover from previous owner), so we signed with them until the remainder of those stays. In our experience, we made twice as much in bookings since leaving them. And since Marriott purchased them, that company has received tremendously terrible reviews.