Marketing other services to Airbnb guests (Turo)

I recently bought a car and started renting it out on the car sharing platform, Turo. Would there be an issue if I marketed this service to my Airbnb guests either before they arrive or once they do? I am not sure if Airbnb would object or if I should keep the two businesses separate. Interested in other hosts’ thoughts.

When I started Airbnb I had one of my vehicles on Turo. I rented it to one Airbnb couple but actually not through the Turo site, I just did it directly after meeting them in person, verifying that they had insurance and employment and knowing what the use of the vehicle was for.

I don’t think Airbnb has an issue with it. I also board dogs in my home (directly and via and have had some cross platform business. The only snag is you can’t post any links in your listing prior to them booking. You can describe what’s on offer but leave out any dot com links.