Marketing Monday: To Name or NOT to Name…?

Easy! Name it!

You should have a nickname for your home/airbnb. It doesn’t have to be too fancy but it should be something catchy. My house name is Eveland and tons of my communiqués have it.

Come up with a name and brand the #@% out of it! Trust me, guests after looking at a million listings might not remember a specific listing but will remember a catchy pseudonym.
So, sign your name and under it sign your “home name”. Your guests will refer to it in conversation. Hence, NAME IT!

If you’re going to have a website for your home let it be your catchy name. Of course, make sure it’s an available domain and then buy it. You can also do pens, notepads, water bottles, umbrellas, your house manual, etc. But for now, get a name… and BRAND it.


My St Croix , Virgin Islands condo is named Latitude Adjustment :slight_smile:


Property is called “Roses”.


Three Palms (because I have three majestic royal palms on my property)


We are ‘Sunny, Waterfront Mid-Century Gem’ but our domain name is the name of the street. ‘Sunny, Waterfront Mid-Century Gem’ describes the apartment well and appeals to our target audience.

We have branded items available such as flip-flops, luggage tags, t-shirts, mugs and more. I wear one of the t-shirts when greeting guests. We also have a custom-designed house manual/guide book and welcome cards and business cards showing a fabulous photograph of the property. (Guests are encouraged to take our manual/guidebook as a memento of their stay.) We also provide a customised guide to local activities for every guest. It’s printed out and stuck onto the side of the refrigerator with magnets.

However, we are designers and brand consultants of many years experience so it’s easy for us :wink:

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I have been branding the Happy Hippie Haven and the attached studio as the Happy Hippie Studio. Since here in Colorado we are getting a lot of cannabis tourism that is going over very well. I’ve even found an adult coloring book on Amazon called the Happy Hippie Coloring Book. I put one along with colored pencils in each room. Have been thinking about adding other items like homemade shampoo. I will do the manual/guide book as well, cards and business cards.Would love to see any other ideas and where you are getting or printing things. Is VistaPrint still the best place to get stuff printed?


Where do you get your pens, water bottles, etc.?

Just fantastic… Would love to see some of your work… maybe share it with my community of Airbnb hosts.

Here is a google search:

Make sure the cost is worth it.

@Evelyn - it’s here:

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