Marketing in your photos--against TOS?

I was just paging through our local listings to make sure we were coming up in search results, and came across this listing:

If overlaying social media contact info isn’t against the terms of service, what an excellent way of self-promoting!

I’m pretty sure that usually showing social media information is a deliberate attempt to get the guests to contact the host outside the platform if they were clickable. Which I don’t think they are. So I don’t know why the host has them!

They have plenty of reviews so they don’t seem like off-platform people.

That listing should be flagged.

I don’t see that flagging does anything, especially not to a superhost with over 200 reviews.


If this guy is attempting to get guests off-platform, he is pretty bad at this :wink: I guess this means people don’t want to book their accommodation on Twitter, and prefer the relative safety of the platform.

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And I could not find a stand alone website for his listing that he would be trying to direct folks to.

He is on different media to get more exposure. Why not? We are also on FB, but will only take reservations through AirBnB or MisterBnB.

Suppose he takes reservations outside of AirBnB. Why not? AirBnB insurance doesn’t seem to really cover anything. For us it’s still the best way to rest assured of our money.

Is he abusing the AirBnB platform for his own benefit? Possibly a tiny bit. Appears that AirBnB isn’t smart enough to filter this out. My problem? No!

And to be honest: I love what he has done. Looks very professional !