Marijuana & Airbnb?

Saw a recent article on what the vacation rental industry could learn from the marijuana industry, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Here’s the article.

What do you guys think of the comparison?

I was expecting an article on pot-friendly AirBnBs. :smile:

Hahah sorry! Not this one :blush: I did see this site though.

i’m in atlanta. most of my guests actually ask if i’m 420-friendly. and those who don’t, i can still smell it…

That exists too

Pot is kind of an ironic substance in Washington State. The BnB is experiencing some pot tourism. My house rules include no open flame and no smoking on the property. Some bookings purchased the bud, could not smoke it at the BnB and could not take it across state lines (or into the airport!!!) when they check out. Soooo, they leave it behind. Not illegal for them or me to possess (well, the Feds still think it’s illegal), but I’m not interested in consuming it. Certain of my friends are very happy recipients of free stash!


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