Many host i discover do not have ID check. please explain?


As i was looking on Airbnb. And when i click on peoples profiles from that apartment or house to rent i want to know who the (owner) is. And when i click theor profile… Most of the many interest places i like to stay does not even have a ID check added to thier profile.

Instead one owner host… has aproximately 204 reviews symbol beside the photo of the person who owns the property. But there is no ID Check symbol.

So i thought as a rule for everybody to join and register Airbnb regardless your a host or a guest which ever case. You still have to (proof) who you say you are.

And even more important is if your going to rent out to people your apartment or house you will as well show who you say you are as a host yourself with a ID Check.

Now this is just some i found with no ID checks across usa on the west side coast areas.

When i join in airbnb as a guest i had to follow the rules. I had to register and proof and show ID and also a real photo of who i say i am and age and so on.

So why are most of the host i have investigated as check out thier profiles do not have a ID check added symbol? Instead one user has 204 reviews symbol. But nothing else. And looks like the host owns 2 more properties around. But doesnt have a ID check in order to do he’s job right for others on airbnb,

Can someone please let me know ? When i registered airbnb i always had to do what it ask me to do otherwise it would not proceed the registrations. So why are these host did it without showing ID checks or at least they dont even have it ?

I’m curious to know. Because i mean doesnt matter if your a host or a guest you still have to follow the terms and condition rules when you first register Airbnb to know that you and the host are not fake people trying to steal your money.

Calling TROLL x 20!!!


Please respect this and only answer if you do know about ID check on many host. I have found at least 3 diferent host in the same town who does not show ID check. But they do have many reviews and many good reviews from thier own property.

However i dont no how they did it to register airbnb in the first place because you still have to show who you say you are if your going to want to make your property rent for people obviously.

Until recently Air did not require to upload the ID for the host, making AirBnB a tax avoidance/money laundry heaven. Now a lot ov governments are hammering down on AirBnB and require them to hand over user data.

So new hosts always have to upload ID, existing hosts only have to upload when required.
I had to upload them a few weeks ago and even had to add extra data to keep receiving payouts. I know this data is shared with the government and tax office.

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Here in the UK I still get lots of new guests with only an e-mail verified and my profile as a host only has an e-mail and phone no.
Although as a business all my contact details are on the listing for guests to check out my authenticity if they wish.