Many amenities vs few amenities

I’ve made an experiment.

I’ve been renting a two bedroom apartment a couple of years. It has many amenities, among lots of other things a large flat screen TV, Sonos sound system, playstation, fancy balcony furniture, electric blends and a well equipped kitchen with a Nespresso coffee machine, toaster, blender, bread baker and in general “everything” you need for a normal family to cook. I’ve upgraded the furniture and interior several times.

This summer I’ve started to rent another two-bedroom apartment in the same building. It has approximately the same size and apart from the interior and furniture they look very similar. However, in this apartment I’ve put just very modest furniture and interior and only the basic things people need for a short stay. There is no expensive furniture, fancy gadgets or extra conveniences. The kitchen has cups, plates, glasses and cutlery for 5 people + 3 pans. There are two double beds and a simple sofa from Ikea. That’s it.

The strange thing is, from the reviews people seem to be just as happy with the modest flat as with the fancy flat. And I’ve charged the same price for both!

What have I learned from this? Make it simple and save time and money.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I find that people complain less that an amenity is missing than that an amenity that is there doesn’t meet their standards.


Truer words have never been spoken!!!

Having the nespresso reminds them that you didn’t have Kona coffee available!
Having the fancy stereo and sound system reminds them you didn’t have an Xbox or PlayStation.

The more you have the more they are reminded what more you didn’t have!!!

Jan, what a crazy result from that experiment!!! I love it!

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