Managing multiple listings

First off, I have only two listings. Both are individual room/bath combos in our home.

Is it possible to keep the language throughout the two listings in synch, except for spots that I customize for each room?

The same with photos. Both of our listings include some of the same photos, with additional unique photos for each. Any way to keep those duplicated photos the same? For example, if I change a photo to a winter scene, any way both listings could reflect the same change?

I do wonder what hosts who have—say—five or ten identical apartments do.

I hope this makes sense.

Yes, you can do (some of) this by editing from your listings page. It will show both of our listings and you can tick both the boxes next to each listing to edit the selected listings (both for you). You can then click on “edit selected”. You can’t edit the listing descriptions simultaneously but there are many things you can edit all at once, like house rules, etc. You can’t edit the photos this way though.

If you want screenshots, I am happy to show you, just let me know :slight_smile:

I just tried to figure it out from my listings page and couldn’t do it. I guess I need help.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions or anything . I do think that some of what you want to do isn’t possible but it’s good to see what is possible at least.

Go to the Listings tab from the top. You should get a screen that has both listings displayed like this. Click on the boxes on the left side of the listing titles (circled in red), to choose both listings (all of those black lines are the titles of my listings, sorry, public forum and all ,).

After you have ticked the boxes, you will get an option in the upper right-hand corner to “Edit Selected”. Click on that.

And then this box will pop-up that looks like this:
You can choose any of those areas to edit both listings at the same time. There are a couple more if you scroll down.


Thanks very much. Helpful.

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