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Man poops in AirBnB host’s bedroom 😳

Has anyone seen this story?
How do we deal with people like this?

Wow that’s so disgusting. I hope the host slammed him in her review. I’m also not buying his excuse that he blacks out drunk. SMH

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Why has to be mentioned that the guests was white?

Besides that, it is disgusting off course. But with the many millions of guests staying in STR each year, you will always have some mentally in-stable people among them. There is very little you can do about that, besides not renting out your place.

And yes, I have seen drunk people do stupid things.
But I also have witnessed a sleepwalking person peeing in someones wardrobe… nothing he or we could do about that.


I’m convinced that there’s just a certain percentage of humanity that you hope you don’t have to deal with, whether it’s in work, romance, or hosting on Airbnb. Not all those people have the legal issues that would flag them in a background check.

That’s nuts that Air didn’t remove him from the platform after this incident, though.

She tweeted “Airbnb has some serious work to do when it comes to keeping ppl safe”. I don’t think there’s anything Air could have done to prevent this happening. It’s surprising to me that hosts think Airbnb has done some kind of “FBI background check” level of vetting. Honest reviews help, and Air should remove troublemakers from the site, but the only person ultimately responsible for our personal safety is ourselves. I wouldn’t host in-home without a lock on my door.


I think meet and greet is helpful to screen guests. I dont know why she didnt lock her bedroom if she was away a lot. Seems silly to put dont go in my bedroom in the rules. I do believe someone could poop in blackout. How disturbing.

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Agree 100%. We’re all likely to meet nutters in our everyday lives - we don’t have to be Airbnb hosts to experience that. (And anyone who hasn’t come across a few weird people has been very lucky.) Of course it’s horrible and of course we all would be furious if it happened to us. But sadly, it’s a risk we take.

We’re really better off just realising that Airbnb is an advertising platform - or a ‘dating’ site if we prefer, putting people who need accommodation in contact with people who offer it. Airbnb isn’t responsible for much after that. Thinking that way makes it a lot easier.

Plus, she was completely daft to leave her place to the mercy of guests and ‘friends who vet guests’… and daft not to lock her bedroom door.


I’m guessing it’s descriptive. Why shouldn’t it be mentioned?

The article is on the website Blavity which seems to spotlight racial inequality. I think the host of color did lock her door (the article calls it a break in). The guest broke in & defecated on her property. He clearly has mental issues but the site appears to spin it to a black white thing when it is a “mental health/alcoholic” issue.

There are other articles on the site that appear to be legitimate reporting of racial inequality; I don’t think this was one.

The article says he was moved to a different Airbnb rental. Now my concern turns to his new host. I wonder if they knew who/what they were getting. I wouldn’t take him.

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I only read it quite quickly earlier today but the inference was (well, the one that I got anyway) that the police were on the (white) guest’s side rather than the side of the (black) host. So yes, it seemed to me that it was reported as a black/white issue rather than the one that’s horrifying us - the poop factor :poop:

I’m not surprised the police didn’t know how to handle this code brown. I’m sure they don’t get this kind of call often. If indeed her door was locked it is breaking & entering plus vandalism.

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