Man crawling thru window this morning

Woke up this morning to a man climbing thru the window of my Airbnb.

Heard a noise and awoken to see someone coming thru the window that had an air conditioning hosing system in the window. He made his way into the house while I was still trying to comprehend what was happening. Thought it was my husband at first but he was sleeping beside me. I yelled out at the intruder who then stood motionless for a few brief moments and then headed back out the window after I yelled to my husband that there was someone who was in the house.
5 police offers later and dusted for prints.



And? Are you going to tell us what happened?


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Sorry, it’s edited above. Hit “send” too quickly.
House handyman came and put l brackets on two of the windows. This was in Colorado where the heat is unusually hot and the a/c units can be temporary so the window was not secure and locked to prevent lift.
Scare the you know what out of me.

I am sure it did @Julieo. were you staying at your own property or that of another host?

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Staying st a super host property in Colorado. After this event he will be putting in security cameras. Highly doubt they will find the guy but it seemed that he knew to go to the a/c window and knew it wasn’t secure.

Oh gosh. I wish every US host would read this forum and put cameras in before the incident.

I have one of those kind of portable units with hose out the window. But it’s in the side yard, behind a gate and there are metal security bars on that window.

Sorry this happened to you but glad the intruder left without further incident.


That is exactly the type that this one is too. We actually made a comment to ourselves about the window sash above the venting tube not being secure but as this so a “ very safe” neighborhood, we let it go.
You just never know.

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Terrifying, @Julieo! Had this happen in my workplace at night, 30 years ago. Then, it was a window air conditioner. Burglars go around looking for things like that.
Glad you are okay!

This happened in my neighborhood a few days ago. A woman woke up in her 2nd floor apartment to a guy standing over her, he fled even he realized she was awake. Reports are he came in by removing the ac.

And I looked thru the online police report and it states that the incident was trespassing, which really pisses me off because they are hiding truths for real estate values and don’t want to report actual crime in the neighborhoods.
When 5 police officers show up and dust for fingers prints and swab our mouths it’s not trespassing.
Rant over, sorry


What was it if not trespassing?

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It totally depends on the state’s definition but since he didn’t have to break anything to come in and he didn’t get a chance to commit the crime once inside, it’s trespassing (probably.) But isn’t it much more fun to think it’s part of a conspiracy to obscure crime rates in order to artificially inflate real estate values?


How awful that this happened. Glad you & your hubby came out of it safe & sound. Glad owner took immediate action to make the rental more secure.

Due to the heat this summer, I’m considering getting one for my upstairs (the type that sets in the room an vents out the window). Thanks to these posts, I will take extra precautions.