Malta anyone? The two of us going south!

This autumn it’s our turn to go for a holiday! First week of october to malta. Flight booked, place to stay, not - yet. Never been, we have four full days, already wish for a couple of days more since there’s so much we would like to see and do. Any hosts around? Or others that have been there? In what part of the island would you recommend us to stay? I don’t know how to choose! We would like a kitchen and a balcony or a place to sit outside. Close to the sea. Good access to public transport. Nice and calm, yet close to restaurants and such. Yup!

The holy grail, and so darn elusive.


I know! Hehe! Never know what might turn up though! And no 'resort ’ either!

I knew that I remembered a host from Malta posting on this forum. The host is André, screen name @travellinbug, and his place is

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Hi Liv,

I am from Malta. My apartment is in Rabat, a very typical Maltese village within walking distance from the old capital of Mdina. Unfortunately I have no balcony or place to sit outside although I do have a kitchen, the village is well connected by buses and there are many restaurants to choose from :). The nearest beach is 15 minutes away (by car). Many tourists associate Malta with sun and sea but miss out on the rich history.

There are many lovely places to visit in Malta, don’t miss the capital Valletta with its stunning port views and architecture, the old fortified city of Mdina and neighbouring Rabat, the three cities (Birgu Isla Bormla). A visit to Gozo is a must, even just for a day trip.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Been there 3 times. It’s one of my most favorite places in the whole world to visit and I hope to go again soon. I personally like staying in Valleta, the capital. My last trip we were in a property that was, I believe, some 400 years old, and looked out over the harbour.

I especially loved Gozo too. But then again, anywhere in Malta is special.

Make sure you study Malta’s history before you go. It will make sight-seeing all the more rewarding.

Thank you for info! Your flat looks very nice and also the neighbourhood looks terrific! To be taken into consideration!

Sounds very good! Malta is on mye husband’s definite wish list and finally we are going. The combination of exciting culture, history and nice weather is unbeatable!

Although I can’t speak about finding an air there i probably would not recommend St Julian’s. I’m not sure if you’re British but it’s typical brits abroad atmosphere. We stayed in Silema which was quiet close to things and you could walk to st Julian’s and the ferry over to Valletta.

I see! Yes, figure that st. Julian’s may be a bit over the top party zone for us. Not a Brit, but know what you mean!

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