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Malta AirBnB regulations


Hi everyone, I’m about to become host with AirBnB in Malta ( Europe ).
Does anybody know how it works here? Should I get a license or a permit to host people in my house? Thanks for your help



You will need to contact your local government and they will be able to tell you which licenses if any you need to apply for.

If you don’t own your property you will also need to check your lease.


@cdb this post is a couple of years ago but does say you need a license and charge tourist tax


You might try asking on the Airbnb Community (sorry, can’t remember the link) to see if there are any other Malta hosts there.


Ok, thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I’ll check.


There used to be another Maltese host on here. You could probably do a search for “Malta” and find him/her.

I am from California in the US. I’ve been to Malta three times and want to live there for a year or two after retirement. It’s one of my most favorite places on the planet. You are blessed to get to live there. :slightly_smiling_face:


TuMo, I found that topic…yes you are right…have you been to Gozo as well? I’m moving there…they are destroying Malta with a lot of construction… anyway… maybe see you one day here :wink:


I have been to Gozo and it’s amazing!

There used to be a small shop there where a chocolatier made the most amazing Belgian truffles by hand. Honestly the best chocolates I’ve ever eaten. He was elderly a decade ago so not sure if the shop continued on.


I believe that an agreement regarding the matter in Malta is not in place; as of yet (according to the below article). The forum does not allow me to attach links, so type the following in google, and you’ll find an article on the Times of Malta website dated May 28, 2018 which discusses your query. Hope this helps!
Times of Malta: watch-airbnb-willing-to-collect-tourist-tax


Hi cbd,

I am a host from Malta. To operate a short term rental in Malta (including a shared home) you need a apply for a license with the MTA (Malta tourism authority). There is a checklist of regulations you must comply with to be granted the license. You usually need to have a VAT number before you can apply for the license. For that you need to check with the VAT department.

AirBnb does not collect eco tax (tourist tax) here so you need to collect this in cash during check in and submit the tax to the VAT department every 3 months via an online system. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future to streamline the process.

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