Males must sit down to urinate

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We have a young couple staying with us at the moment who have stayed in lots of AirBnBs - maybe they’ve stayed in yours.

Two stories that they volunteered. Both of these stays were in private houses where the hosts lived.

  1. As you know we can select what level of social connection we prefer. One of their hosts chose the most private option. I forget what it’s called now. He had a VERY large book of FAQs and answers. If they asked him something he would just point at the book. He didn’t have any apparent physical disabilities.
  2. The welcome briefing followed up by the signs in the toilets requested males to “sit while urinating”. Not sure how that is enforced.

Perhaps you’re reading this now going, “Hey, that’s me”. :slight_smile:

The fact that only females are allowed to pee standing is without a doubt discriminatory towards males.


I’d love to be discriminatory and host ONLY celibate post-menopausal women. That would do away with the bodily fluids I encounter on the sheets on an almost constant basis…

However, I fear that determining that guests are celibate and post-menopausal might be just as tricky as checking that males are sitting down to pee!

P.S. Forgive my female question but do blokes really do that?


I had a brother in law in the navy who said they learned to sit down because the motion of the ship makes aiming harder and (this is key) they or their mate has to clean it. When some woman runs around behind them cleaning they don’t give a sh!t. When they have to clean it themselves it matters.
I’ve found that in general (American because I have few foreigners) men are doing much better. I so frequently see nothing on the rim and can’t imagine how their aim is so good and wonder if they are sitting.


I feel embarrassed that as a thrice-married woman I had no idea that men sat to pee! Although the navy thing makes sense. So they sort of plunge the ‘pipe’ down between their legs?

Sorry … this is a revelation to me!


That part I don’t know! LOL. Must be. What if you need to #1 and #2 at the same time?

C’mon boys, chime in!


Well, I stand, and at 70 my aim isn’t quite as good as it used to be; but I do clean up after myself. If I had to sit, yes, the pipe would go down. But I’d worry about spraying the underside of the rim of seat and bowl.

I had a couple of gay male friends (now sadly deceased) who sat for everything, Murphy only knows why.

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My other half sits - or he cleans!


Do you need an anatomy class :stuck_out_tongue:?

I confess to sitting down whenever I know the toilet is clean. @jaquo Yes, the pipe just hangs down. @KKC Doing #1 and #2 at the same time is no problem, although I once sat down on a Portuguese toilet that was so small that it wasn’t an easy task :rofl:. The seat has to have an opening that is not unusually small.
To me men peeing standing in a normal toilet is just grrrrooooosssss. That should be done at a urinal. In public toilets, where I don’t want to sit down, I simply use the urinal. If we would have had the space, I would have installed a urinal in our toilet, for all the male guests who can’t pee sitting down :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:.

I don’t understand why men in a ‘familiar’ home with clean toilets can’t sit down. Sigh! Maybe it’s because I’m gay :grin:.

Isn’t this forum most informative.


Bloody amazing! :wink:

I’m just so surprised that I never knew any of this stuff before!


Now that the whole world knows my preferences, I was wondering if there are women who have ever used one of those attributes that allow peeing standing? Or if there is someone who walks around with such a thing in one’s purse?

I’m inclined to make a poll out of it :rofl:, but I don’t want to take over the OP’s topic :relaxed:.

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Trivia - the bushmen of the Kalahari desert stand to pee!

The women that is :grin:

Knew I had read this some where

I haven’t, but I’ve written about these devices on my website as I think they are an excellent idea. Imagine being on a boat for example. Blokes can just lob the thingy and point it towards the water but women have to find a proper facility. Not fair! :slight_smile:

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My ex hubby (a Brit) sat down to pee. I had never heard of such a thing before, but apparently his ex-girlfriend forced him to do it and it stuck. I found this very odd at the time, but I soon adapted to the obvious advantage when cleaning.

Have we officially crossed over to TMI? :rofl:


I was out to dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend and I went to use the non-gendered facilities, did the usual contortions to keep my shoes and pantlegs out of the rather impressive puddle in front of the toilet. Totally annoyed, asked my daughters bf, hey i don’t have a penis, I’ve never understood, why do guys pee on the floor? My daughter said be careful, you are representing the entire anatomically male population here. Two reasons cited : shaking instead of wiping, and, in some cases especially if older, a little dribbling might happen. I was further informed there were two old bars in town where guys can just pee into a grate right in the bar!
I love this forum!


Feel free GutHend. I’m learning a LOT here.

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I have needed to squat when peeing in both France and Japan. I am not good at this, AT ALL. In Japan, I went to Uniqlo, which was not worldwide back then, and bought tons of cute little towels. Every Japanese person seemed to have these towels to dry their hands in the public restrooms. Me? I had extra towels to dry other areas as well. In France, I carried a roll of toilet paper in our bag.

And then, in both countries, I used the washing machines provided in the apartments I was renting. I can not remember if the hosts provided the laundry soap or if I bought some. Some memories should be left hidden.

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The first and only squat toilet I used was at the train station in Venice Italy (1998). Just watching the reactions of young American coeds when they got their peek into the stall was worth it.