Making the terrace green!

Hi all! It has been a while since i have posted but i follow the forum.

As a small update, bookings have been incredibly scarce since the season ended in september. I do get the oddball booking every month but it is not much. However i have heard all the guest feedback, i added high speed internet and bought a big comfy double bed and soon i will add AC for the summer.

My question is, has any of you experimented with adding grass on the roof? I am not sure how it is called in english. Synthetic sod is what translate called it.

I was thinking since i have a huge terrace and it is one of my main selling points i can improve it in the future, add a big umbrella and beautiful wooden surrounding and make it green up there.

Any thoughts, suggestions? Is it stupid, is it worth it?

This is the listing:


Artificial turf can run pretty expensive over a larger area, and at your level of pricing I’m not sure you would recover the expense.
That said, it could allow you to increase your pricing or increase your occupancy, as it would certainly make your listing even more attractive.
We too plan to hput in some artificial turf on a terrace once we’ve been able to build up some cash reserves!

Turf is the term i was looking for thanks!

My pricing is very low since nobody visits here until Easter (>April) and full season is June-September, where my price will probably be between 30-50 depending on competition, market research etc.

The turf would be a future addition i am just looking for improvements! I believe that i would need to cover about 50 square meters.

But yes i agree it is a serious investment but on the same time it would allow me to offer something different that nobody else from the competition has it, while i can still up my price.

Thanks for the feedback! Look into Wall Gardens. That would make a huge splash! Use pallets, they are your cheap option. Some good lounging furniture. But remember, don’t go overboard. Some plants to liven, add fragrance, etc.

Where I am 50 square meters of turf would cost in the region of $2000 Which would be close to two months of your bookings at 100% occupancy.
That said, it is a great way to fend off the competition, and in the long run it’s worth it, so long as you can take the initial hit!

Thanks for the ideas!

Do you mean the artificial grass, sort of plastic? I know that as astro turf, maybe that’s a brand name though. Honestly I think a few large pot plants would look much nicer as greenery than artificial grass. Real grass would be cool but I don’t know how much of a soil bed it would need to grow and then obviously you’d need to mow it

I have to agree with @gardenhost. Your terrace, as I recall, is a bit stark, and looks like it would be really hot in the summertime. Instead of fake grass, spend that money on attractive [and durable] outdoor furniture. Put up an arbor or at the very least one or two umbrellas. Have some chunky, large planters and have some greenery in them. Don’t put anything in those planters that needs to watered constantly. I doubt that your guests would do a good job with that. I would suggest some Mediterranean colors for your cushions and pillows. A much better use of your money.


I remember you - you grow olives, right? I wrote about your place on my travel site :slight_smile:
I’d urge you to be careful when spending money on your rental. I suspect that the AC you are planning will be a great bonus for your guests though.

Try to renovate the terrace as cheaply as possible - there are some great ideas above.

Your place is in a fabulous location :slight_smile:

A good sunshade is better than the plastic grass. There are some nice looking outdoor rugs, made of plastic.

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Of course i remember! AC is the next investment and pretty important when the temperatures rise to 40-45 C every day!

@smtucker thanks i am leaning towards that as well i got some great ideas from here!

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No fake grass.

If you want to tidy up the area, paint the ground, revarnish/paint the table set, get a sunshade, large pots with tall plants that can withstand 40/45C weather. I love the idea of a vertical wall garden.

I love…Example Link


That is so beautiful and i can draw inspiration.

I am glad i am a part of this forum. Thank you all.

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About grass on the roof, what @smtucker and @jaquo said. I don’t think it’s worth it either. Unless you want it for yourself anyway, and even then I would think twice. Nice pots with plants in are a good idea. Just don’t get pots that are too big.

Nice furniture is definitely worth it. But make sure it can cope with your weather. I don’t know what kind of weather Greece gets. We have the monsoons over here, and I was thinking of aluminium furniture with a resin covering.

An A/C is obviously worth it. That’s generally a big plus. But you do want to shop around for the best available brand, because that A/C will get a lot of use. And you want to get the most efficient kind available. 5 stars energy rating, if that is applicable where you are.

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