Maintenance/repair expensing question

Ok, I’m planning to get my driveway re-asphalted at some point this year. Mostly for the curb appeal quality, if it was just me I’d wait until next year, but it will also help with weeds in cracks and such so it’s worth it IMO.

Is this something you think I can fully expense, or should I do it at the 12.5% rate I apply to utilities and such for the percentage of space that is for guest purposes?

That is a question for your CPA!

I do my own taxes. I’m just wondering what other’s experiences are. I plan to err on the side of not counting it at all, but I’m wondering if I can at least do the 12.5% I use for utilities and such. But now that I think about it my friend is a CPA and can probably answer it for me. I’ll keep it up though in case someone has experience with this or it helps someone else!

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Following as I’m interested to hear what you find out from your friend

She said it should be expensible at the same percentage as utilities, but she hasn’t done taxes professionally since '11.

But for a schedule C or E? Ask her how should would address a STR?
Totally new territory.

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