Main guest not coming. Can I transfer booking to other guest?

I am hoping someone knows the answer to this. I originally had a family of 7 book my listing for 2 days. The lady who booked through her Airbnb account is no longer coming. Am I supposed to have them rebook with another account? Is there a way to transfer the booking to another Airbnb account? Please let me know if anyone knows the answer. thanks!

Has someone else in the party got an Airbnb account?

If so Airbnb might transfer it.

But you will need to ask them.

The guest should do the legwork on this, not the host. Make,the guest call.


Just let Airbnb know and they will see to it all for you. If no-one else in the party has an account, they will walk one of the guests through creating an account and transfer to booking to them. The host has to do nothing but inform Airbnb.

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