Mailing a credit card by a guest to my host

A guest just asked me if she could receive by mail a physical credit card that would be mailed by her sister from another US state.
What would you say? I

NO. Tell her she needs to go somewhere and get an “accommodation address” lots of “pack & ship” type places do that sort of thing. Tell a little white lie that it’s against Airbnb TOS.

How long is this guest staying? I would never accept a booking for a period long enough to receive mail.

I would try to sus out what her story is. If she’s on an extended travel and needs a card she left at home, then I’d allow it. If you think she is somehow trying to establish residency at your place, then NO.

I used to travel every week by plane for work and I’ve had to have a credit card couriered to my hotel on 2 occasions, once because the card was compromised and once because I forgot it (still can’t believe I did that!!!). All I’m saying, is stuff happens - always good to ask why it is being couriered. If they are mailing it and not using a courier service then, I would question the validity of the situation because mailing is not as secure as courier service.

All my credit cards come via simple mail service.

could they be applying for a card, but using your address, so when the card doesn’t get paid, you get all the demands?

I agree that credit cards are usually mailed when being on a scheduled replacement to your home address but when you lost or need a credit card replaced in an emergency they courier the card with required signature to your current address you supplied. But please note, this is only my personal experience and with my business card while I was traveling for work and in both instances they couriered it to my hotel.

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