Magical stain remover

I’m new here. I just found this recipe that I call my magic stain remover. It is one part dawn liquid soap and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. It’s been working wonders on everything.


What’s dawn liquid soap @Lgstacey and welcome to the forum

Where do you host?

Dawn is a brand of liquid dishwashing soap. Other brands will probably work as well

Here in the States, Dawn has been used as a “magic” ingredient in a number of other applications such as a more environmentally friendly weed killer (the soap acts to make the salt and vinegar stick to the plant).

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My good friend from South Carolina uses “Blue Dawn” as a verb. When he bought in a feral kittie that had become his friend (now a loving pet), he told me, “Whenever we adopted a new stray when I was growing up, we’d Blue Dawn it [a bath with water and Blue Dawn, and not any other color] first thing.”

So when I bought my puppy home from his Western ranch, and he had his “outdoorsy” smell of straw and growing up out in his pen by the firewood for all of his four months, oh yeah he got Blue Dawned.


You can use Dawn for just about any cleaning application and plenty more besides. It’s a must in a host’s cleaning arsenal along with baking soda and white vinegar. The three of them will clean just about anything. (And if you mix them together you get a very satisfying fizzy substance). I use Dawn at every turnover particularly on pillow cases. For some reason, every woman in the world who doesn’t remove her mascara pre-bed stays with us. We seem to be a mascara magnet. If I rub Dawn on the marks before stripping the bed, it deals with the job admirably.


I’ve used it, undiluted, on a white stove top that was covered in grease, carbon and filth. Left it sit for an hour and then scrubbed with microfiber cloths.

It did wonders.


Looks like everyone answered you already. I’ve used dawn in my own laundry. Just a little dab on a stain. Rub it in. Works way better than all the stain removers in the laundry isle at the grocery store. I have a property manager and someone comes to pick up the laundry. They will not do this kind of stain treatments so I asked guests to spray any stains on towels or sheets when they leave. (To avoid a damage fee). Yikes. Hope it works. Will they do it???

All cleaning products are made up mostly of detergents, which are a variety of surfactants (surface-acting agents) of which Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is the strongest and this is the main ingredient in Dawn dishwashing liquid (and actually most other w-up liquids too, but Dawn may have the highest surfactant/water ratio.)

@Helsi, it’s basically the same as Fairy Liquid !


The Best Fairy Liquid EVER!!!

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YES I use the same thing!! It’s amazing

They used Dawn to clean off the birds that were covered in oil during the Exxon oil spill.

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Thank you! I just used the peroxide and Dawn to get grass stains out of white baseball pants!!! :grin: After they had been washed and dried!

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I find the peroxide dawn is good for makeup and food and such. If I have rubbed in dirt, I sometimes spray that with bleach. Or I use dawn only. What have others used for rubbed in dirt because YES sometimes your guests clean the bottom of their shoes with your white towels!!!