Luggage Storage Solution for Hosts

Regularly asked about luggage storage after check-in? Do your guests try to liaise with with cleaners or request late check-outs that you are not always able to accommodate?

That’s where Stasher comes in.

Stasher provides luggage storage for airbnb guests before and after their stay. They have hundreds of trusted hotels and shops across the globe where guests can store their bag for only £6/ €5/ $8 for 24h (pricing varies slightly by city).

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If they’re not in your city yet, they will be soon…watch this space.

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The only one they have for my city at the Tourist Information Centre, which is the one I already recommend for my clients.

The other they recommend is outside of the Centre.

They aren’t suggesting anything that isn’t already available directly for my area, so I am not quite sure what the site offers. I thought from the blurb on their website, they were helping hosts offer guests storage facilities that weren’t normally open to them, but it appears not.

From a brief glance, this appears to be a European (or possibly only UK) operation. Judging from the prices, it’s certainly a First World operation. Storage facilities like these would be very useful in many places which don’t have them, but I think a truly global operation would be a huge undertaking, and it’s unclear how profitable it would be. Security considerations alone would make it expensive to run.

Hi Faheem. We currently operate in 55 cities all across Europe and have recently launched in NY, LA and soon Sydney and Tokyo. We have stored 100,000 bags - and are well on our way to being a global operation! This fast growth is largely helped by partnerships with major hotel brands and travel networks (Expedia, Accor, Premier Inn etc). In terms of security, every booking is insured by up to £750 and we have had 0 claims to date.

Please do email us if you have any other questions.

Stasher Team

Could you respond to my comment please about your recommendations in Bristol, UK @citystasher1

Also as importantly you are charging my guests more than they would pay if they went directly and the facility is not open 24/7 but only for limited hours during the day.

Hi Helsi,

Yes, The Bristol Tourist Information Centre does offer luggage storage with us and separately. This is quite unusual - of our hundreds of hosts, over 95% do not offer storage without our platform (mainly because we provide the insurance and customer support).

We are opening more locations in Bristol very soon :slight_smile:


Sorry I am rather confused by your reply.

Are you saying you offer a separate 24/7 luggage storage at Bristol TIC separately to the one they already provide themselves?