Luggage storage box - material and dimensions

Hi @Magwitch,

I’m just asking for opinions about box dimensions, because it’s the kind of thing people have opinions about. I can’t ask Google about that.

I don’t see a dilemma. If I do build such a box, the dimensions will aim for overkill. I.e. it should be big enough to accommodate any luggage except for extreme outliers. Otherwise, what’s the point? And we don’t have tons of spare space here, but accommodating a large luggage box should not be a problem.

Fair question. You are alluding to the weight of the box, correct? Yes, it will be on solid ground, but the idea is for it to be mobile. Easily movable by a single person, preferably. And a iron or steel or wooden box that was large enough to contain luggage would be quite heavy. I still think aluminium is a good idea, though I seem to be in a minority, at least here. There seems to be a fixation on the idea that aluminium is not strong enough, but based on some basic checks on the net, that doesn’t seem to be the case. And pure aluminium is apparently not that strong, but the alloys are much stronger.

That’s not a lot of weight. But it could be a large volume. I suppose most international travellers would carry more of lighter things like clothes.

Is there a link missing here? Because I don’t see one. As I’ve said before, things like garden boxes and the similar deck box that @jaquo mentioned earlier, appear to be products of North American DIY culture. There don’t seem to be obvious equivalents of this here, though maybe I’ve not looked hard enough. India doesn’t have equivalents of Lowes and Home Depot either. It’s not clear why. It tends to run more towards small shops. That tends to be the case across most of India.


@Louise, similar comments apply to resin containers, I imagine, though I don’t know exactly what that is.

It’s also worth noting that any of these may be available somewhere in India. But India is a big place, and I like to see stuff before buying. And travelling around the place to shop for stuff would be a lot of work. The options in this city are definitely somewhat limited.

What link is that?

You mean, will I keep the box out in the open? Probably not - it would get rained on in the monsoons. And I just have one room that I’m renting, and one set of guests. The link is in my profile.

YOu can’t find at Ikea?

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Ikea nominally has a presence in India, but not much by way of actual stores. Though it seems there are plans to build one locally - see

Though local in this case is relative. New Bombay isn’t particularly close to where we are.

Yes, I’d say most of the people who come here travel relatively light. Mostly rucksacks and the like. Most of them are foreign tourists. I don’t think I’ve had much by way of business travel, though that’s not a well-defined term.

@faheem - do you have a yacht supply place? Boxes like that are often sold to attach to boat slips to provide extra storage for people who live aboard.

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Interesting suggestion. I believe Bombay Harbor does have the yachts of rich people docked there, so maybe there is a supply chain. I’ll look into it. Thanks.

Do these boxes go by any special name? I’m not finding anything so far.

I think they’re just called dock boxes. They are ideal for outside storage because they can be fixed to the ground.

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Hey @faheem - look what the ad was under the message I just wrote. :slight_smile:

Not finding any hits in India. Lots of hits outside, though. Seems to be thing in the US, at least. :slight_smile:

I guess that’s what they call targeted advertising. Is that a Google ad? Have you expressed any interest in travelling to Mumbai? :slight_smile:

Oops sorry, I forgot to attach the picture. This is what I was talking about. They seem to come in all sorts of different materials and sizes too, so maybe it doesn’t help much. Just google ‘lockable garden box’


Yes, I’m assuming it’s a Google ad. And no, I haven’t been searching for Mumbai - if I had plans to go there, you’d be the first to know. :wink:

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Devil’s advocate here… I have status on United and Star Alliance, which allows me 3 checked bags at 35kg each, yes that is not a typo and 18 bottles of well packed wine, in case anyoneis wondering, plus a proper carry on roller bag and my handbag. If im flying with anyone else they are also entitled to my lyggage allowance. Im with @Zandra and inly travelwith carry on but we have for sure had 2 people show up with 6+ bags. (Ive also checked 6 bags with wine, but I digress)

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Well, I guess they’ve gotta incentive people to fly United somehow.


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True story! Luckily all my perks are available through out the Star Alliance network, so we dont actually fly UA all that much!

wow you are very lucky!! I would love to have that allowance with Air New Zealand flying from New Zealand back to the UK/USA - it would definitely be packed full of wine and food.

That is EXACTLY what we use it for.

Those Google ads are very clever. Now I’m seeing your place on my own site!


I talked to my most recent guest, who is American, and who left today, about the dimensions of the luggage storage box. We’re currently thinking of dimensions like 4 ft long, 3 ft in depth, and 2 1/2 ft high. Aluminium or aluminium alloy. Possibly anodized. Maybe with printing on it.

He said that backpacks can be 4 ft long or longer. I think it would be good to try to get all luggage to lie flat. Even backpacks. What is a reasonable upper length for backpacks?