Luggage dropoff

One of the Airbnb Plus requirements is:

Luggage dropoff allowed
For guests’ convenience when they have early arrival or late departure

What if someone checking-in at 4pm wants to drop off their stuff at 8am while the existing guests haven’t left?

Or someone checking-out at 11am wants to leave their stuff and pick it up just before their 1am flight?

I don’t see how this can be acheived by anyone that doesn’t have a porter. Do you?

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I just spoke to Airbnb CS and the rep said I could just mention in my house rules that it was only available from 8am to 8pm and subject to availability.

In the future, if someone tried to penalise me for lack of listed amenity on the basis that merely listing the caveats in the house rules was insufficient, could I save myself by linking back to the conversation with Airbnb CS? Or do they have some stupid rule term/condition which says that their ToS takes priority?

Airbnb Plus seems to have some sneaky requirements!

You’re right - you wouldn’t be able to use the listing itself to keep luggage secure.

I’ve used my garage as luggage storage since it’s separate and uses a different key than my listing. I recall some host on the boards using an outdoor deck storage box with combo lock.

Consider an “amenity limitation” in the house rules section to outline how long in advance/after the booking luggage can be stored.


Interesting! I’ll look at that now!

I’d love to know the answer to this!

An Air CS person told me a guest attempting a 3rd party booking was okay, even though it was a violation of TOS. I told him I’d accept the rez if their legal team would write me a letter saying I’d have all the same insurance and host guarantee. Backpedaling and then crickets! :joy:

I think they make shit up on the phone and then leave it to another CS person to sort the fallout. TOS is the only thing that matters at the end of the day.


Anyone else had any experience Airbnb CS conflicting the ToS and CS winning?

leave it to me, I’ll have a quick word with your mum :slight_smile:

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Can you put a posh, lockable shed etc. in the front garden for luggage?

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Nope. There is no front garden.

The only possibility is to leave it in the house assuming that there are no guests there at the time.

I can’t believe Airbnb added this. Yet another reason not to try for Airbnb Plus.

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Hotels offer it and Airbnb (esp. Plus) is competing with hotels.


Why do you want to jump into Airbnb Plus straight off @Fahed

Why not learn the ropes first using the standard version of Airbnb?


It doesn’t give a time frame? How early or late are you expected to store things? Because you know guests will push it to the extreme and someone might expect it for more than a day while they go off somewhere else where they would prefer less/no luggage.

If you get to define the time frame then I would say it could only be guaranteed during the cleaning window, 11-3 or whatever times you go with. But even then who will be receiving the luggage/where will they put it? I wouldn’t want people entering the place before it was ready.

Yeah, I understand why Airbnb wants us to offer it :wink: but I’m not willing to have luggage in my secure hallway nor do I want liability for storage in my unlocked enclosed porch. I almost always have a turn-over the same day with a small window for cleaning.

I used to offer luggage drop off but it was a huge pain in the Ar$e. Guests never arrive when they say they will and it’s one more thing for me to coordinate and/or worry about. I don’t want to purchase a locker.


If Plus ever comes to my town I won’t qualify anyway. I allow luggage drop off but no one ever asks.

I have a friend who does homeshare vs whole home (me) and she said that people overall are much more chill than my guests.

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Yep. I have to agree with that.

According to Airbnb’s marketing, it helps to justify my premium rates and and attract more bookings. So, considering I already worked to meet Plus requirements independently of Plus (except for 24/7 access, luggage drop and a stupid invisible stain on the ironing board), I thought to just go for it.

If I was near the house and this was my full-time work, I’d have no issues with their requirements. But, alas…

I’ve specified 8am to 8pm subject to availibility. Truth be told, if the place was available, I’d probably just give them an early check-in / late check-out as per those times.

If I do this, perhaps I should get them to sign a waiver?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Airbnb veered way too far from its original road.