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Lucca - registering guests with the local police

Hi people - anyone know what we need to about registering guests with the local police in Lucca, Italy? I’ve heard a rumour but no idea how to go about starting the process. Thanks in advance.

Call their office and ask what you need to provide. That way you have a name to give if they find your submissions insufficient.

Yes, aks them.

I have to register all my guests at the municipality. Maybe in Italy it is the local police.

In India it’s the Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs. If this is registration is something that is only required for foreigners (likely), you can try contacting your local govt immigration representatives, and/or the local municipality, in addition to the police. In India, this is handled in larger places by Foreigner Regional Registration Offices, and by the police in smaller places, so who handles it may also depend on your location.

I tried doing a search online for Italy, but I didn’t find anything.

Our new regulations require this in Andalucia, Spain as well. Of course, when I went down to our local police station to ask they knew nothing about it!

I’ve since found out that we can do it online, as hotels do. We have to register at the main police Comisaria in Malaga and are then given a code to access online registration. I would think you are likely to have a similar system and I would ask at your main Police station in the city what form you need (in Spain there is a standard form).

Alternatively, ask the department for tourism, who should know. Is there an Airbnb forum for Italy? You could ask there, but probably you’ll find everyone else is in the same state ofi ignorance as you!

You have to register your name and activity to the local Questura. They give you a password and written istructions, and after that you can download their program as to do online communications of guests arrival within 48 hours.
On the begining it is a little bit difficult to understand, but after some time it will be very easy to do.
Don’t forget to do a copy of each passport so if there is a late check in, you can send all informations the day after.

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