Loyalty Perks for Frequent Guests

I have one guest who returns often and I’d like to encourage some of my other guests (usually, traveling health-care workers) to book here again.

Do any of you offer a frequent traveler program to return guests? If so, what do you offer? I look forward to reading your comments.

I haven’t had any return guests so far, except for one friend who booked through Airbnb because she’s a host herself and had a $100 voucher to use up, plus wanted to give me another review.

I would think something like a week for the price of 6 days might be an appropriate discount for repeat guests.

My good repeat guests know to text me directly. They get to stay in my Airbnb when it might otherwise be closed and they save on Airbnb fees. If they travel with good pets I let the pets stay free.


When guests check out I send a message thanking them for choosing our place and I mention that I give a discount to returning guests. I give 10% of the nightly rate. My minimum is 5 nights so it’s about $135 off. I only offer that to those that leave the place clean and observe the house rules. So far we have had four returning couples in our 4 years of hosting. One couple has returned three times.


I used to offer guests the opportunity to book directly with me, but after a couple of incidents involving injuries and Airbnb stepping up to cover it, I happily pay the fees. I won’t put my own insurance (or my bank account) on the line to save a few bucks.


Most of my repeat guests book direct so the guests save booking fees. There are still a few who book year after year using Airbnb which I don’t understand.


Things like that could happen anywhere but since I don’t have stairs or ice or many other hazards, I take my chances. And while I’m thrilled Airbnb supported you twice, most people know better than to count on Airbnb for anything more than bookings or payment.


I have a mix of repeat guests. I’ve allowed a couple to book directly. I charge them whatever rate they started with which tends to be about 10% less than my current rate. I also have a second listing that I don’t have open because my daughter uses it sporadically. I have told repeaters, whom I still want to use Airbnb, to call me if they don’t see a vacancy and I can occasionally open this room for them. Rather than discount, I tend to do a little more for my repeaters - more breakfast options, let them have guests, etc.


Direct bookers get about 10% off.
Bookings from the government get a 50% increase :grinning:, never a protest…. They just pay!
Not many options here……


I’m in agreement with @jaquo

If there is guests I welcomed a return visit from (who I knew were low maintenance, followed the rules & cleaned up after themselves) I’d send them a direct email (NOT via AirBNB communications) with an offer to book directly. I give them the option of booking on AirBnb or directly; I’d include screen print spreadsheet that showed the savings (minus the fees).

You’d have to trust the guests enough to ensure they were reliable enough since cancellation policy is not enforceable.


@HH_AZ So you don’t pay taxes on direct bookings?


I should think that most hosts who do direct bookings have their own cancellation policy which is enforceable in that the host would already have a deposit from the guest. Then they could require the balance paid a week before arrival.

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@HH_AZ How did you come up with a 10% Airbnb guest service fee? It’s something like 14.5%, minimum.

LOL. It’s a Phoenix event.


@KasualObserver Thanks for the concern on guest name but as @KKC pointed out, ‘Barrett Jackson’ (I had it inverted) is an auto auction that is a big draw to Phoenix Scottsdale in January.

Good point. I didn’t do such because those guests I did this with were those I would have been flexible with even if there were a cancellation policy.

That is what is was (for me) when I did that offer.

To quote corrupt seditionist Trump attorney, John Eastman:


That must have been a long time ago. It was over 10% when I started hosting in 2016.

Yep. Mine is we keep 6% of the deposit to cover credit-card fees (and time wasted) if they cancel more than 60 days prior to check in. All monies paid are forfeited if they cancel less than 60 days before check-in. Since full payment is due 60 days before check in, they have the full payment at risk.


I concur with your point. Why Airb&b would even consider stepping up to cover injuries etc for a booking outside their platform boggles the mind. I myself do not offer loyalty perks. I am fortunate to have a place that offers a wonderful view and have had many return guests who do not question paying through the Airb&b platform. I should mention that I do not increase the rate seasonally. I keep it the same year round. However I did have one guest who booked and then asked for a discount as a return guest. I declined simply because the rate for my place is fair to begin with and have had no problems attracting guests. In this case, the guest cancelled and it filled almost immediately.

I don’t understand why so many hosts are so willing to give away their product. I get tons of repeat customers and I do not automatically offer discounts. If a repeat customer that I like asks for a discount, I give one- but hardly anyone asks- not even for longer stays. Those of you who book outside airbnb are asking for trouble if something happens and you have no recourse to cover for injury or accidental damage. Big chains offer discounts to entice bookings with bargain hunters. From the responses here, not too many of you have repeat customers of any consequence so why bother. By offering discounts that are not asked for, you are saying your place is worth less than your asking price. It is a race to the bottom

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“Those of you who book outside airbnb are asking for trouble if something happens and you have no recourse to cover for injury or accidental damage.”

You sound like you are under the impression that Airbnb actually covers injury and damage. That’s a crap shoot.
Taking direct bookings is in fact much more secure if the host takes a damage deposit and has their own str insurance.