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Low listing appeal from Air


Hi everyone, We have been hosting through Abnb in Qld, Australia for two years now and I regularly enjoy reading the informative and helpful topics and posts on this forum. We often get a good chuckle from the ‘interesting’ things guests will do!!

Was just wondering if anyone else had a ‘low listing appeal’ note from Abnb, when bringing up their listing details online. In order for our listing to have more appeal, Abnb want us to use instant book and Smart pricing. We initially tried Instant book and decided it didn’t suit us. We have noticed with more hosts opening up in our area, there is more competition with pricing. We also feel that our listing is suitably priced.

Any comments appreciated. Not really looking for any specific answers, just a bit annoyed with Airbnb constantly trying to get us to drop prices.


Ignore it - they just want a booking so they get paid - every empty night is a loss to them!


That’s true Debthecat, just get a bit fed up with Airbnb constantly pushing for us to drop prices!


Crazy, isn’t it? Our rentals (2) are way cheaper than hotels in the area. We offer things they don’t - money saving things such as free parking. We, like most hosts, know what we need to charge in order to make a profit/pay the mortgage/ whatever the issue is.

We know about our market and its price point better than anyone, surely?


Love it when they are comparing a 5 bedroom Victorian villa with a single bed and a share bathroom!


We have that. Well, sort of. In the building right next to me (about three or four yards from where I’m sitting right now) are a few Airbnb double rooms. No ensuite - shared bathrooms. So, you get a bed in a room, that’s more or less it.

Our two apartments, on the other hand, are completely self contained with their own bathrooms and kitchens. We offer all sorts of extras and luxuries. But we are compared with next door. Totally mad.


@sunnygirl – don’t sweat it. No worries. Just AirBnb playing silly buggers.

I got a message today saying I hadn’t checked my Calendar in 23 days – which is a bald faced lie as I checked it yesterday and the day before and the day before that to get details on one-nighters who came to stay. Not to mention the fact that we were 100% booked in February, which means I checked it every other day at a minimum; and we’re 80% booked for March.


The only way for airbnb to compete with booking.com is to be cheaper than booking.com, so they use all efforts to make you drop the price. For hosts it is better to keep same pricing and provide good service to gain reputation

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