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Lovely lovely guests!

Hello hosts forum:)!
Only few months of hosting behind. At the very beginning I struggled with my boundaries. And I did find some comfort from this forum: thank you.

After some “educational hosting experiences” I’ve got just most amazing guests: we’ve had long talks about Europe, the art, the world, American guests have made some long monologs about the U.S elections. I have learned a lot about my own continent and trough this forum something about american thinking also.

Last guest was a student who was for the first time in Europe and I was really happy to see her, at the moment we host the most adorable professor. The style of people you really want to know and to discuss with.

(For me it is an interesting detail, that an American man gave us 4 stars for the location when he walked by the seaside in the sun to meet his friend in a restaurant 300 meters/what it is in inches: 11/? away from our home. What should I have done differently: we WALK everywhere because of our central location but for this gentleman this was too far away, hahaha? Happy to have there well travelled guests who have seen the world. But to see human nature is also very interesting. When nothing is wrong and you just want to complain about it, it’s jus fascinating).


Hmm, two words you don’t often find in immediate proximity with each other. :slight_smile:


You’re so funny faheem! It’s true, though. I would say I’ve only met two adorable professors in my time. 99% of them are ruthless egotistical *****. Or thereabouts :wink:


Nice post @Jepjep
I’ve just bid goodnight to a couple that are now in my top 5 favourite guests ever. They were so funny, interesting and engaging. I love when that happens. They were my first guests from Uruguay, a country I don’t know a lot about but I’m much more knowledgeable now. Lovely lovely people. I wish they could stay longer.

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I think I’m STILL in love with my 19th century American literature professor. I still get all sparkly when I think about him. :heart_eyes:

They are rare indeed and deserve every sparkle. I’m thinking fairy dust sparkle, though, not sure what you’re thinking about :flushed:

He was just the most brilliant man I ever met. It should be illegal to be that brilliant. This was his first year teaching and his entire first class just fell at his feet. I tried sooooooooo hard to impress him! The class competed with each other to see who could impress him the most. I was at his office hours every chance I got. I was sooooo nervous during my senior seminar when I had to present. He gave me an A- in the class. I was–and am–so thrilled that someone like that still makes me think about the engaging and important issues literature teaches us, all these years later. Sometimes when I go back to campus… I have that secret hope…that just maybe… I’ll run into him… and he asks me for coffee…

SEE? I’m STILL in love with him!!!


Wow. What is the name of this paragon?

He’s no longer teaching there. He retired within the last few years after spending his career there. Would rather not give out his name publicly!

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