Lost in Translation!

Does anyone know how to translate a review from Chinese to English?
There seems to be an option for translating conversation as you are chatting to your guest,
but not for a review.
Or maybe I will have to die wondering …

Use Google Translate. That should work well for you.


I have been trying to do a cut and paste to Google Translate but it does not want to go through to the site. It should be easy I know.

Why not leave it as Chinese there for other Chinese… Seems to me like you would lose the emotional aspects of the review through machine translation watering down future opportunities from Chinese speaking travellers. It’s nice to show you have satisfied guests accross diverse cultures. Well done. Maybe just paraphrase in English below the actual review. :slight_smile:

I think the problem is that he doesn’t understand what they wrote: He doesn’t know if it’s good or bad, he doesn’t know if there is any good advice in it for having future chinese guests :wink:.

Thank you for your help. I was able to do a cut and paste from the email notification of the review but not from the Air website. All good - the review was excellent. I have left it in Chinese as Robbi suggests.
I run a B&B from home and a handy hint here is that Chinese visitors really love eggs -
I do a continental breakfast but include hard boiled eggs for Chinese guests.
It seems to guarantee a good review!

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That is a good tip for whenever we will have Chinese guests!
Does the egg have to be warm? (=recently cooked)
Or can I cook it the evening before? In the morning we don’t always have time to be boiling eggs :blush:.

I just put them on when I get up, so that they are still warm at breakfast.
That means they are freshly cooked and I guess that is ideal - but whatever suits you.
I am in Australia and find that Chinese visitors are just the best, so polite and respectful
that I like to fuss over them a bit!


There should be a Google Translate plugin, at least for the major browsers. You select the text areaand then right click and select the “Translate to English” option. I use the one for Chrome/Chromium.