Loss of Superhost Status as a result of Co-Hosting

Hi all,
I have been a Superhost with my own property for some time. I have just recently begun to co-host a friend’s property. As a result, I have lost my superhost status.
Why?? The new property is quite unique. Despite “No parties” being clearly stated in the House Rules, a person requested a booking to hold a party. Another person wanted to rent the property for up to a year, in an agreement off the AirBnb platform. Clearly I had to decline these two booking requests and lost my Superhost status as a result, with threats that the properties might be taken off AirBnB. This seems very unfair.

Further, AirBnb do not separate or dstinguish between properties. It is therefore, very hard, for potential guests to separate the properties being hosted by one person.
I find these issues very frustrating.

Thats a bit of a joke. I co-host for a my mother and I’m not a superhost and she is
That’s Airbnb for you.
Go figure

It sounds like this happened because you set up her listing under your profile, rather than what would have been a better approach, which is to list it under her profile with you as the co-host.

It’s a better approach because then the ratings and reviews will go under her profile, which is better for your client because then if she decides to take over the listing herself or take on another co-host she can without losing the ratings and review that have been built up against the property.

If the property hasn’t got many reviews as yet, I would get your friend to set up a profile and add you as the co-host. You can then delete your friend’s property from your profile.

This will solve both the profiles you are encountering.


Hi Helsi,
The new property was set up under the owners’ profile. I was added as co-host, some days later, so am now even more confused as to why they are mixed together, if as you say, they should be separate.

Yes that is very confusing @Helen58 , it shouldn’t affect your profile unless you set up her listing with you as the main host.

Why not give Airbnb a call and query it with them.

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Declining does not affect superhost - I often decline and I am a superhost. If you cancel however, that could definitely affect your superhost. (My niece learned that declining a bunch in a row - like 10 - will cause airbnb to delist all of your listings for 2 weeks)

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Basic requirements are to accept 88% of requests and so if you are just starting out and decline 2 in a row you might be warned. Maybe that’s what she is referring to?

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