Losing the will to live

aarrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok that’s better. Is there anything worst than being a host and trying to book an place to stay? I am in the process of booking somewhere in Bulgaria over Christmas - yes it was incredibly cheap BUT so is mine in Greece in summer, so I wasn’t wondering ‘why’ as Bulgaria has even lower wages that Greece. Anyway I booked this apartment over Christmas, then I got a message saying the host has changed my booking and now wants 250euro more even though she accepted my booking! As a host, if I had made a mistake I wouldn’t have accepted the booking or I would have gone ahead and learnt from my stupidity,

As it stands the ad is still exactly as it was and she is demanding I pay 250 more or I CANCEL the booking, I have asked her to cancel as she accepted and she is refusing on the grounds that if she cancels she won’t be a super host. I have explained to her because she accepted , she must cancel and the money will go back into my account. Oh the joys! I am quite happy not to stay in her place after all this BUT why should I be the one to cancel when she is the cause? I would never treat guests like this! Airbnb are looking into it …lets see what happens


There are many truly awful hosts. And that a so-called superhost would do this is super awful. I suppose Airbnb can’t stop her from cancelling. Hopefully they will suspend her account for awhile, like until after Christmas.


I am so disappointed for you that happened. There are bad hosts out there. Please let us know what Airbnb does.

That was the problem she didn’t want to cancel so she didn’t have a bad feedback! lol

wow first time dealing with airbnb (problem) and was surprised how quick and efficient they were. All sorted but now have to wait for the money back in my account :frowning: Just hope I can find somewhere that I can afford now


For some reason, I always find cheaper deals on booking . Com and not airbnb lol try that

Same here! Maybe because they don’t charge guest fees and they are a far more professional than airbnb.


Well done. I hope this SH is soon an ex SH! I think you have probably dodged a bullet, and avoided a miserable Christmas. Good luck finding somewhere else too.