Lose superhost badge

I’ve been Superhost for two quarters. After receiving Superhost status, I hosted some really picky guests and one review scammers, which changes the 5-star review rate from 81% to 79%. Since I block my calendar during Christmas, my 5 start review rate will end up being 79%. I am going to lose Superhost status for the next quarter. Feel disappointed, but just wondering if there is anything different if I lose Superhost status.

You may experience less immediate help when called CS…

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I’ve been in exactly this situation and can honestly say I saw no difference at all in bookings. BUT times are changing. Airbnb is far more mainstream now and perhaps the SH badge is more meaningful. I wouldn’t let it worry you, though. As long as you have a decent place and enough solid reviews, you’ll be fine.
SH status is a bit of a poisoned chalice: yes, it makes you feel good and possibly attracts guests (but not necessarily) but it can also make you feel stressed to maintain it. Nobody needs that stress!

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If it helps any, before I was a host, I was a frequent guest. A SH badge on a listing was never something that mattered to me. Pics, reviews and competitive price were always the 3 factors that mattered most to me.


Do you have any days left open until the end of the month?

We are 7 + years in and have never been SHs. Our booking $$$ increase about 15% year over year as does are occupancy, so I’m OK with that :joy:

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How come you never got it?

Multiple reasons, first being for the longest time there was a glitch not allowing Barcelona based hosts to obtain it because of the political situation around StRs in the city. This cleared up about 18 months ago, however, we still have never ‘qualified’ even though we are 4.8 stars, no cancellations, etc. I have called/emailed and I always get the same
Answer, ‘try harder next quarter’. I’ve finally given up as it really does not affect our business at all, we do well over 6 figures with Air BNB a year, so it’s not worth the fight.

As for the next year we are out because we had to cancel a reservation do to a flood, and although it did fall under EC it still knocks your ability to become a super host.

What a drag! Nothing more annoying than stupid customer service. I mean, do they even read the emails properly?

I’m pretty sure they don’t actually read


Crying all the way to the bank. Shame on you :slight_smile:


Well, if Air BNB wants to give me lemons, I will make lemonade!

Due to an AirBnB screw up I lost my Status for a few months, got it sorted.

Coincided with my busiest period ever. If it has any impact on my business it is negligible.