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Los Angeles whole home rental hosts please read


I realize this was generated by home away, but please read;

The Los Angeles City Council will discuss an ordinance addressing secondary, whole home vacation rentals at LA’s Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUM) meeting on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at City Hall.

This is the most sensitive time of the policy planning process, and we only have a few days to help shape the new law. Please take a minute TODAY to contact to your councilmembers and ask them to support a policy that allows secondary, whole-home rentals.

From the moment the city council voted on December 11th, the clock started ticking. If a secondary ordinance is not in place by July 1st, whole-home vacation rentals will be effectively banned in the City of Los Angeles.

It’s important that councilmembers understand how their votes will affect your livelihood if a fair secondary home ordinance isn’t passed.

TAKE a minute today to share your story via email or phone with your councilmember and the mayor’s office. CLICK HERE to quickly share your voice TODAY!

This ordinance will be shaped from the many stories you share with your councilmembers. The more people that get involved in the movement, the stronger our voice will be heard!

Join LAVHRA Today!

LAVHRA is a collection of owners, managers, small business representatives and local groups that are working to protect the future of vacation rentals in Los Angeles’ tourism driven community. Traditional vacation rentals provide income for local families and jobs for small businesses, and the benefits of STRs can be felt throughout Los Angeles’ unique communities.


HomeAway Government Relations


Thanks! I signed it.

We don’t have a second home on Airbnb in LA but we did in Northern California and to get rid of second home rentals is a ridiculous ban. These are not affordable housing units. They are most likely multi million dollar homes. Why let them go vacant?


I totally agree. If you read up on the numbers generated by the vacation rental business it is far more income for the city relative to the number of units/houses available which is .08 percent of all housing available for rental.

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