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Los Angeles Transient Occupancy Tax

Hi there, can anyone help me please. I received an email from Airbnb saying that they were now collecting the Transient Occupancy Tax but I have also received a form from the City of LA to send Transient Tax to them at 14%. I’m just a bit confused as I am new to this and thought Airbnb were handling it so we don’t do this anymore? Sorry if this is a glaringly obvious question I should be able to answer myself I’m just keen to do it all correctly.

Many thanks

I need to know, too, as I have to pay 7.5% tax in Boulder. I am going to contact Airbnb and find out if they are going to start collecting for us, here.

Go to your listing, click Location and you will see if they collect.

I’ve been paying the City of Los Angeles Transient Occupancy Tax since I started hosting. I was pleased to see that Airbnb is now making the payments. I called the City of Los Angeles Department of Finance to see how I should fill out the monthly form now that Airbnb is making the payments. I got an automated message stating that there were too many callers for the number of representatives and that I would receive a return call. This was weeks ago and I haven’t received a return call. Good luck.

Thank you! I checked and nope. I also checked another Boulder listing and put in some dates and no tax was added. When I do that for Los Angeles, it lists the added tax.

ABB submits TOT taxes for us in SF. We don’t do anything.

It says the Airbnb collect them on my behalf. Do I just ignore the form I have received from the City or pay it in addition? I’m just confused that if this is the case why have they sent it to me?

You won’t need to collect and remit TOT from the time that ABB start collecting it, but you will still need to remit the TOT for any visits that occurred before then.

Thank you Lucy! I started hosting 1st August.

I just went to the office of the City of Los Angeles Office of Finance to ask what to do. The representative told me that I still need to remit the form every month. She said to fill in zero as the amount of rental income.

You do need to obtain a business license from the City of Los Angeles and fill out the Transient Occupancy Tax form every month. You are supposed to fill in the amount of rental income as zero.

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