Los Angeles HIGH season start

Hello, Im new host and would like to know if anyone is here from Los Angeles, as would like to know when the peak time starts. Thank you in advance for your advise.

Have you checked with your local tourist information board?

I would imagine you have the normal holiday seasons including school breaks, plus any key events in your area.

Los Angles is huge! Like 50% bigger than New York. I see guests who book in my area leave reviews upset that we’re not really LA because I’m 30-60 minutes from downtown. It’s taken me 2 hours to get out of LA from my house.

So I googled your question, and based on museum visitor counts, February is the slowest month and July is the busiest month. Biggest season looks like April through September.

I hope to be hosting soon in LA… my final inspection for my conversion (my second final inspection) occurs today. It’s taken forever… now I’ve got a list about 40 items long (from toilet paper to a TV) to get this weekend (assuming we pass).

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