Loose bookings because of the fault of Wimdu. What can i do?

Hi, I have an issue with Wimdu and would need some help. Some of you may have some information about this kind of situations or if there are any rights that i can ask some compensation.

There was a date change by one guest from december to january, the guest conntact with the website, as usually they make the changes in theis system, than they send me an email which said: "Everything is arranged You do not need to take any action. We have already reset your calendar for the dates of december so that you are able to accept new bookings. "

So i didnt do anything, of course since i thought its arranged, when we arrived to the mentioned week, was when i recognised i didnt have any reservations for the whole week (christmass time) which was strange based on my experience in the past years so i doulblecheck the calendars and i recognised the dates are blocked not just in the wimdu calendar but because of their sync in all my calendars in other sites also, i couldnt unblock manually so i conntact the website. And they sent me a “steps i just should do next time” email, which i felt a bit unfair since i was already in the middle of the week with an obvious loss for that period.
I thought to mention it to them, but in a really kind way explaining them what happend and ask them, if there is some way to compensate my loss.
One email followed another and to tell the truth they were really not kind. I would have let the whole story but because of the way they have choosen to communicate, i thought i will try to get some more information about this topic and let see if i have some rights to reclaim something since it was a mistake they made. Thanks for your help in advance. e

Are you saying guests on Windmu can change their dates without your permission?

No no, the guest contacted me, when they book wrong dates they conntact with the website and the website modify the booking- they send me a new booking request, and delete the previous one un unblock the calendar -which they forgot this time.

You could review the contract conditions, I doubt you have a legal case.

I haven’t had a windy booking for a year and a half…

WIMDU… that was an autocorrect! I had heard they were bought or might have gone out of business.

I’ve only had one Wimdu booking who needed to change the booking. They had to cancel and the refund them book again. Great guests but not happy with Wimdu