Looks like there may be some changes coming in July

Just logged into my account and saw this:


Hope the most aggravating issues really get fixed - I thought the titles already had a character limit…glad to see titles will be back. I’m also hopeful the review counts will come back although they kind of fudge on that.

Fixing these problems by sometime in July may not salvage the summer season for everyone but, hopefully, it will help.

Well they have changed some things already.
Was able to do a private search with location, dates and guest numbers and it came back with something like I used to see.

I’m glad they made those changes for your summer season and not ours!

It’s a little surprising actually, as I know many companies trial changes here before they introduce them into the more populous (and higher revenue) markets.

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haha, 100% agree. it’s very handy being in the “forgotten” half of the planet.
It’s also crazy they didn’t do beta testing of this with actual hosts, or did a/b testing for a while. (I only assume they didn’t because it’s been so poorly received)


Though many guests are browsing Airbnb Categories for inspiration and booking, the majority continue to book stays by entering a specific destination and travel dates in search.

lol, define “many”.

We’re glad to see you have a lot of excitement for the new categories

Who gave them that idea? I think so far i’ve seen only 2 people woo-yay the categories. I have zero excitement for categories. this is such a clever American way of wording things, to trick us into thinking we actually like what they did. Gotta give them a :clap:t2: for their marketing prowess.

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The categories are just absolutely unhelpful to 90% of travelers. If I need to go to a wedding in a specific part of Maine, I will not be booking a log cabin in Rhode Island. Even if it’s also a vacation, many vacationers start from a location of where they’d like to or need to be. I can’t believe how out of touch CEOs are.