Looks like rental arbitrage is suddenly an issue

Multiple posts on social media regarding those hosts who have rented multiple places to list on Airbnb not being able to meet rents and having their leases terminated. Maybe this will satisfy those areas that want STR returned to LTR. The landlords will certainly be considering their options.


Yes, one of the good side effects, that illegal businesses are hit hard, and have no support system to fall back to.


Even I who has a legal STR am starting to weigh my options for LTR. I would make quite a bit less but I’m guessing for now I will be out of at least 3 months income during my high season. And truth be told, it’s kind of nice (except for the money) not to have to worry about guests checking in and out, following rules, cleaning, etc. But I really do need the money for the mortgage so who knows.

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Although we have done STR and still do from time to time (only when absolutely necessary) I still think that there’s no comparison. It depends on personality to some extent I think - I much prefer being a host to being a landlord.

Luckily though because this is such a tourist area there are so many rentals to go round both for short term visitors and for people looking for longer accommodation.

I’m finding it difficult to work up any sympathy for them.



Agreed - I think this will cut quite a swathe through those hosts that manage a fine line running Airbnb’s. I wonder how many are out there where the landlord has no idea this is happening. the only indicator will be the rent suddenly ceasing.

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