Looking to Rent out 3rd Bedroom.. Best way to do this?

Hello Everyone,

I currently have had a successful first 6 months on Airbnb with my first listing thanks to all your help here on the forums. It is a 3 bedroom house (listing https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13601631?guests=1&adults=1&children=0&infants=0&s=-0e6Qbd- , but I only have only allowed guests to have access to the first floor since I was still living at the house when it was vacant. Now I have moved out for good and would like to open up the 3rd bedroom to the listing (it is a master bedroom in the loft with a king sized bed and full bath.

I would like to charge an extra 40 dollars per night and the current rate to increase revenue.

My question is: Should I create another listing that has 3 bedrooms at the higher rate or should I include in the current listing that it will be another 40 dollars per night to access to this bedroom (up to 6 guests as opposed to just 4). I don’t want to deter 4 guests from staying but I would also like to increase revenue by allowing 6 guests to stay.

Thanks for your help and look forward any input!

I think you are complicating things. Set a base price, charge extra per person and make all rooms available to every booking.

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I don’t think making the whole house available to every booking and just charging for extra people is the best idea. I think you would make more money and, as important, be properly compensated for your work if you create a new, 3 BR listing in addition to your 2 BR listing.

With 2 listings, you can charge more money per night for the 3 BR, as well as a slightly higher cleaning fee.

If you just have one 3 BR listing, and charge more for extra people, you’re going to have groups of 6 in the home when they only paid for 4. Even if 4 book and show up, they will spread out over the whole house, which means you will have to clean the whole house before the next guests show up. Just because there are only 2 couples, if they have the whole house, you can bet on the fact that they will somehow manage to make it so you need to change all 3 beds and clean all bathrooms.

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