Looking to rent a whole house in Bristol UK

We are looking for a long term house let for our daughter and 3 friends in Bristol City, UK near the Redland, Clifton area. Please let me know if you can help?

Use AirBnb. This forum is for host discussions only.

Hi KenH

I’m am a host and I’m looking for host-to-host advice on renting a long term flat in Bristol. As an Airbnb host I’m in a strong position to provide insight on long term flat/housing rental market in Edinburgh. Therefore, this forum for hosts, with specific market experience, is a good place to obtain advice, NOT ‘bookings’!
As a member of the landlords association, we share experience, knowledge and insight. This forum should be no different. It should be about supporting each other.

I’m confused @HostRights. Airbnb is STR rentals (which is what we all have experience of). What about an LTR do you need assistance with ?

I doubt many hosts here can help you. We are in the STR business.

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Wow @KenH that was rather rude and unhelpful. Why shouldn’t a host come on here and ask for advice about housing related issues in a city. Hosts will often know about wider housing issues outside of BNB.

Hi @HostRights

Actually I can help you and am happy to do so. I am based in Bristol.

Do you want to private message me here and I will give you my direct contact details.

I know quite a few Bristol hosts do longer term lets.

If your daughter is a student though she would be best going through the universities as a lot of student accommodation goes through them

By the way you’ve chosen two of the most expensive parts of the city :slight_smile:

Thanks, Helsi. I appreciate your assistance and kindness. I have messaged you direct. :hugs:

This is the only Bristol host I know. Click here. It looks great.

You mean apart from me :frowning: :slight_smile:

Yes of course, sorry :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jaquo. My previous message to received an error message.

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Hi Helsi, Did you receive my direct message?

KenH just hasn’t had his coffee yet this morning, Joke!

@Lucy_R also rents a house in Bristol, you could try asking her.

Thanks @konacoconutz

I’m not sure what @HostRights is looking for here - student housing? If students are using AirBnB in Bristol this is the first I’ve heard of it… There a a huge number of letting agencies i Bristol that already have that market well covered.
However if you mean something shorter, I have a three bedroom house in Westbury Park available from mid December through the end of March - send me a PM for details.

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Yes I did and I’ve replied :slight_smile:

I sometimes have students stay with me. Cheaper for them to come 1 or 2 nights a week during term time rather than rent .

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Helsi, I didn’t know you were in Bristol. Now refresh me, is that the beach area? Or am I thinking of Brighton?

Whenever I visit London, I never seem to manage the gumption to get out of the city… Wanted to visit Stonehenge but that will have to wait for next time. If there is a next time… The posh Ennismore palace of my friend where I always free loaded :smiley: has just been sold, drat.

Hi @konacoconutz

No - that’s Brighton. Home to pebbly beaches and Brighton Palace.

Bristol is a vibrant multi-cultural city in the South-West of England…not too far from Stonehenge.

We are famous for a our music, food and arts and cultural scene, our beautiful harbourside, Balloon Festival, Banksy and Clifton Suspension Bridge. It’s an alternative city - lots of people look like they are still at a festival :slight_smile:

From spring to autumn there are loads of food, music, comedy, poetry festivals

We are near beautiful historic Bath and we have nearby costal towns - about 30 minutes away

Next time you’re over do come and stay - I’d love to show you around :grinning:

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