Looking To Partner With Someone for Cooking/Music Air BNB "Experiences" in Chicagoland area

Hello Everyone: We produce cooking & music content, and am interested in partnering with someone who has a suitable space to host an AirBNB cooking/music “Experience.” (we don’t have the space).

Ideally it could hold up to 30 (seated) guests, and have room for a cooking area & music area too.

NOTE: I realize there are commercial venues that could work for this , but being a new concept we need to keep costs down until we get some traction/reviews; we also like the more intimate feel of a private residence. Thanks & let me know!

chef marty

I think you are unlikely to find many hosts who will have the space to accommodate you cooking for and seating 30 guests plus a music area @rocknrollchef

Many hosts that do have this sort of space would charge a commercial rate for it and would expect you to have appropriate insurance etc.

You haven’t said where you want to host these events, but why not look for community venues with kitchens.

This would not be legal in my area due to residential zoning ordinances prohibiting hosting for-profit events. My homeowners’ insurance would not cover a commercial use of my residence without commercial insurance, which wouldn’t be available for a commercial use that violates the zoning ordinance. I’m probably not alone in this situation.