Looking to help hosts with multiple properties!

Hi there,

Please note that this isn’t a sales pitch!

I am a Co-Founder of Hometime, Australia’s largest Airbnb property manager. We have been operating since 2015 where we managed just a few properties to now operating a model where we partner with local Airbnb Hosts and help them grow.

We are passionate about helping Hosts that have 2-30 props in any way we can. In response to Covid, we have actually developed a PMS solution for Hosts where the core functions are free as the industry has taken a massive hit over the last year.

We are in beta mode and it would be great to chat with anyone who is interested in trialing the tool for free and providing feedback. We are building a product that empowers the ecosystem by helping reduce the time it takes with repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

I would love to chat with anyone that is interested in helping us build a truly valuable tool for all hosts out there! We have currently built it based on our industry experience and feedback from our 50+ Airbnb host partners but would love to chat with as many of you as possible.

Here is a link to the site that provides you with an overview of what we have currently built: https://hometimeapp.io/


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How is this not a sales pitch? You want hosts to give of their time for free to help you develop your app which you will then charge for once you have it fine-tuned.

And “Australia’s largest Airbnb property managers” is not exactly what impresses me or I should think most of the other hosts who frequent this forum.
The giant property management companies with hundreds or thousands of listings is exactly what has made things difficult for real hosts who manage their own listings.


I agree it may appear that way.

But our approach to the industry is very different. We don’t run a model where everything is centralised and both guest experience and homeowner experience is compromised.

We work with people that are already local hosts and want to grow their business. We do this through helping them with marketing and finding new homeowners as well as tools and other business support. We know this industry can be hard and time consuming and hence why we have taken this approach of empowering exisiting operators.